The Huddle: Guilty pleasure movies


When our bloggers started emailing about our guilty pleasure movies this week, it immediately became apparent that we all have one thing in common. No, we don’t all love the same movies. What we have in common is that none of us feel particularly ashamed of our DVD collections. We don’t really have guilty pleasures; we just have pleasures. Your blogging team is full of hedonists, is what I am saying. 

Lesley Goldberg — Any Nicholas Sparks movie. I don’t care that the story lines are always the same at their core as long as Rachel McAdams, Diane Lane or Amanda Seyfried is in it and I remember to grab extra napkins for when something mysteriously gets in my eye during the sappy scenes. (I am, however, waiting to see Miley Cyrus‘ Sparks flick on DVD. A girl’s gotta draw the line somewhere.)

The Linster — I have been known to pass an entire Sunday watching the Lifetime Movie Channel. It pains me to admit it. I also always watch those movies where Lea Thompson plays Jane Doe, soccer mom and super secret secret agent. And, of course, Showgirls and the Sister Act movies and Nine to Five (and Mean Girls and Saved, although those are True Classics and not necessarily guilty pleasures). And a lot more. If it has a woman who is secretly a witch or a spy, I’ll watch it. Damn. I’m incoherent, thinking of all the cheese I spend my life with.

Grace ChuWild Things, because the make out scene between Neve Campbell and Denise Richardson appeals to my prurient interest, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

drummerdeeds — 1) Watching YouTube montage videos of "best lesbian kisses in film and TV." 2) Hitting on straight girls.

Um, drummerdeeds? I said guilty pleasure movies.

drummerdeeds — Oh. I will watch any and ALL Sanaa Lathan movies: Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, and Something New are personal favorites. She is just so sexy, I can’t help it. But I’m actually not guilty–most any human would agree with me.

I also love a good cheesy 90’s movie: Can’t Hardly Wait, 10 Things I Hate About You, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and #1 is Bring it On.

Hornito — I hardly feel guilty about this pleasure because it has brought so much joy to my life but movies that feature dancing, specifically breakdancing, are my weakness. My childhood was spent watching Breakin’, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, Beat Street and The Last Dragon. Eventhough The Last Dragon only features a little bit of breakdancing, there is also kung-fu added to the mix. Now you may ask, what about other dancing movies? Yes, I will watch the hell out of some Center Stage or Saving the Last Dance. I also own You Got Served. There I said it.

Karman Kregloe — "Guilty pleasures" implies that I should actually feel guilt or shame about liking the movie in question, so that automatically disqualifies Blade: Trinity, Deep Blue Sea, Bedazzled, Malibu’s Most Wanted and everything by John Waters from this list. I am not ashamed of any of them! 

But I am a little ashamed of my love for Into the Blue (2005). I promise that it’s not about Jessica Alba or her miraculous ass or the fact that all of the women in the movie wear nothing but bikinis for the duration of the movie. I like her (Alba) like a friend, not like that. My love of it is purely a result of my childhood desire to be a seafaring treasure hunter (okay, fine — a pirate!). The stars of Into the Blue, for me, are the Caribbean, the loot, and that shark that eats the dumb druggie chick who was screwing up their plan to get the gold. People who screw up the plan to get the treasure deserve to be eaten by sharks. Big ones.


Heather Hogan — I think I am supposed to feel guilty that I own every movie Amanda Bynes and Mandy Moore have starred in, and I think I’m supposed to feel even guiltier that I’ve conditioned myself to watch them in pairs (Chasing Liberty with What a Girl Wants, Sydney White with Because I Said So, etc.), but I think I am supposed to feel the very guiltiest because I can literally quote every single line from The Cutting Edge, You’ve Got Mail, Love Actually, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Mean Girls, Bring it On, Clueless, Pretty Woman and — wait for it — Center Stage. That’s right — I went to a special bitch academy or something. I’m the best g-d d–n dancer in the American Ballet Academy; who the hell are you? 

What are your guilty pleasure movies? And be honest: do you really feel guilty about them?

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