Morning Brew: Friday, April 30


Hi guys! I’m back and ready to brew. Virtual round of applause for the incredible Heather Hogan for filling in for me while I was in the Pacific Northwest.

First I’d like to extend a huge congratulations to some pals of mine, Deb Mell and Christin Baker who are now promised to each other for life. Deb is a an Illinois State Representative and she announced their engagement on the House floor this week in an attempt to bring the gay marriage bill front and center. It’s been buried way too long. If Christin sounds familiar, it’s because she’s behind the awesome lesbian video site

Yay Deb and Christin!

Resides of the Kiwi town Tauranga are not so psyched on the lesbian couple on the show Shortland Street. Apparently girlfriends Maia and Nicole suggested that the town was homophobic on an episode this week, and the town wants people to know it’s not true, saying they are one of the most gay-friendly places in New Zealand.

I’m just glad to see that people are getting upset as being portrayed as not gay friendly and shouting from the mountain tops that they love their homos. Maia and Nicole now have some making up to do in the form of gratuitous make out scenes.

ABC Family has canceled 10 Things I Hate About You, which is sad news considering Mandela had just come out and finally had a girlfriend.

I’m beginning to have a new theory: Teen lesbian on your show equals cancellation (Once and Again, South of Nowhere) or jumping the shark (The O.C., Degrassi). I do not like this trend.

Speaking of jumping the shark, The CW is attempting to infuse a lesbian on one of their shows — again. This time, the show is High Society which our brother site says watching is “like spending two hours in a sewer.” The lesbian: Courtenay Semel.

As of now, this is a rumor and the show has not been picked up yet for a second season. I am not holding my breath.

Three lady kisses made MSN’s list of Top 25 Memorable Celebrity Kisses. Before you try to guess which, here’s a hint: none are actually gay.

And if you came out in college (raises hand), you might be into’s piece on three lesbians who came out while at university. Hopefully none are LUG.

Have a great weekend, guys. See you Monday!

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