Morning Brew: Tuesday, April 27


Morning again, Brewbies!

Everyone recovered from Showtime’s Lezpalooza last night? Man, remember when CW had that Lezpalooza when it came back from winter hiatus? Well, that’s over because I just found out that Adrianna and Gia’s relationship is completely donezo on 90210. Things looked dicey when Adrianna caught Gia cheating on her last week, and thanks to power of the internet spoiler, we now know that Adrianna will be back in Navid’s arms by the end of the season. Deadbolt is even calling Adrianna and Gia’s relationship a "scandalous … lesbian fling."

Show of hands: who is shocked to their very core by this news? No one? OK, good. Moving on.

Thanks to reader jo_schmo, we’ve discovered that MasterChef Australia has a lesbian contestant this season. Courtney Roulston from Sydney is a "fresh, healthy food" chef who talks about her long-term girlfriend in her MasterChef profile:

"I’ve been waiting for something to come and change my life and what I’ve realised is that it isn’t going to happen,” she explains. “I applied in year one and didn’t follow up my application. This year my girlfriend made me ring and chase it and that made me realise you don’t wait for people to get back to you. You do things for yourself."

I’ve gotta be honest: If my girlfriend was a chef, I would never encourage her to follow her reality TV dreams. I’d be like, "Maybe you could just stay here and cook for me." Is that horrible? Yes, it’s horrible. Moving on again.

Threadless is having a design contest for the return of Lilith Fair! Here are the deets:

Your challenge is to design an awesome tee using the theme of Lilith: The Celebration of Women in Music! (Please do not use the Lilith logo in the design. Just take the theme and let your designing mind run wild! The chosen tee will be sold at Lilith stops throughout the country and the chosen designer will receive a guitar signed by the artists and VIP tickets to the nearest event of their choice!)

Now, I may be selfish about my imaginary chef girlfriend, but not about your dreams. Design that t-shirt, artsy lezzer! Get famous! Be awesome! Make me some pancakes!

On a more serious note, the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network has launched a new campaign called "Stories from the Frontlines: Letters to President Barack Obama" to help build momentum for a repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Each day, they will be posting a new open letter to President Obama from gay military servicemen and women who have been affected by DADT.

Today’s exceptionally touching letter is from U.S. Navy Capt. Joan Darrah. In it, she talks about leaving the Pentagon eight minutes before it was hit by a plane on September 11th, and the knowledge that if she’d been killed, her partner of two decades would have been the last to know because she never dared to list her name on her paperwork.

On the "Stories from the Frontlines" website, you’ll find information about how to lobby your own senators to support the cause.

Here’s the last thing Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show about DADT in his special "GayWatch" segment.

Tonight: Melissa Etheridge will be on Dancing with the Stars to promote her new album; Sue Sylvester is being honored by Split magazine for being the best cheerleading coach of the last 2,000 years; Wanda Sykes will be on Lopez Tonight; and Jillian Michaels is going motivational speaking at a high school on Biggest Loser: Couples


I’m off across the rainbow bridge to Gaysylvania. See you tomorrow!

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