Morning Brew: Friday, April 23


You guys, it’s Friday! I’m going to be traveling for the next week so Heather Hogan is going to be in charge of Brewing. She’ll be awesome, as usual.

First point of business: Melissa Etheridge is going to be on Oprah today, talking about her split from Tammy Lynn Michaels and playing her single, “Fearless Love.”

Also, out New York Times food writer Kim Severson is going to be on The Rachael Ray Show today talking about her new memoir, Spoon Fed.

There’s also a fun video of her talking about her childhood and how she came to write the book on Amazon.

You will finally be able to get your hands on the Lady Gaga comic book from Female Force on May 1.

Can we forgive them for their Sarah Palin issue now?

I’m sad to say it’s the third and last video from the Feminist Rapper. I have a feeling she might be inspired again in the future, though. There’s always something to rhyme about when it comes to feminism! has a great piece on lesbian athletes and homophobia in women’s sports. They write, “It’s hard enough to validate women’s sports; to embrace women’s sports that include out lesbians seems to be too much to ask. Indeed, validating LGBT people may be viewed as an affirmation of the epithets used to denigrate women in sports.” It’s an unfortunate trend that we’ve been documenting for a while, and can’t wait to see come to an end. Here’s hoping.

You know who loves Estelle, and it’s a good thing because I love her new song, “Freak.”

The film Disgrace comes out on DVD next Tuesday. I told you about it back in February, but here’s the trailer again as a reminder. It stars Jessica Haines as the lesbian daughter of John Malkovich.

Keep coming back to today for a new episode of Gay Girls Who Game and more exciting stuff. In fact, come back everyday. We love having you.

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