Morning Brew: Wednesday, April 21


Hi gays!

I am so, so excited about the new season of True Blood, but it doesn’t start until June. Thank the Goddess for Alan Ball — he’s bringing us six exclusive mini-episodes starting May 2. Check out the promo, which has the omnisexual vamp Pam surveying a sexy new woman walking into her life. And, of course, some Sookie. reader Tea&Toast purchased Kate Nash‘s new album, My Best Friend is You, yesterday and told us the track “I’ve Got a Secret” has some lesbian-like lyrics:

Why can’t I kiss her lips? / Why can’t I be with him? / Homophobic pricks / homophobic pricks

Dear Kate — you can. Love, the lesbians.

If you have the Independent Film Channel, you can watch a new lesbian film on demand. Here’s the trailer for Eloise’s Lover:

It appears to be a little bit of a “coming out” type film, so if you aren’t sick of those, then give it a go. (Thanks Robyn!)

iO9 has a list of “6 Stars Who Could Be the Next Female Action Hero,” including Olivia Wilde and Chloe Moretz, who is currently starring in Kick Ass as Hit Girl. For the record, I would be interested in seeing any of the women on their list play an ass-kicking bisexual hacker. Except maybe Chloe, since she’s all of 13-years-old.

Lesbian pulp novelist Monica Nolan has a new book dedicated to a phenomenon we know well. Bobby Blanchard: Lesbian Gym Teacher is her third Sapphic novel in the vein of ’50s style pulp fiction, and she told The Washington City Paper that lesbians love her stuff because we’re not afraid to poke fun at our own stereotypes.

…I think in the lesbian community there’s been a huge growth in our willingness to laugh at ourselves and look back at our past and be able to make fun of it.

I don’t know any lesbian gym teachers, myself, but I hope they aren’t afraid to chuckle at the jokes about locker rooms and hitting the showers. Nolan promises there are more sex scenes in this book — even more than her previous effort The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories.

Have a good one!

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