Morning Brew: Tuesday, April 20


Morning, Brewsters!

Jennifer Lopez is in a new romantic comedy called The Back-Up Plan, in which she uses a sperm donor to get knocked up. Unfortunately, she then meets a guy and things get complicated! So where do the lesbians come in? The New York Daily News wanted to talk to real life women who want to use sperm donors, and they interviewed Staceyann Chin about her search to find a good one.

Said Staceyann:

I’d asked various male friends, but none of them went through with it. It’s a big deal for guys, especially, I believe, for men of color, because it’s uncommon in their culture. In the beginning, I thought I’d have men cascading toward me with charitable offers of their sperm. How wrong I was! I discovered men are generally very territorial about it and, if they don’t get the pleasure, they don’t see the point!

Why is it so easy for lesbians on TV? I’m beginning to think television just isn’t like real life. Imagine that! Best of luck on your search, Staceyann.

Kristen Stewart was just trying to be incognito at Coachella this weekend, but she ended up looking like Kate Moennig and inspiring lesbians everywhere to faint and gossip.

Pick up your jaw now!

World of Wonder sent James St. James to the Big Gay Sketch Show premiere party in LA last week, where he talked with star Nicol Paone and her roommate/Watchmen star Malin Akerman.

Check out more interviews with the likes of Jane Lynch and Nia Vardalos at their website.

Melissa Etheridge will play songs off her new album, Fearless Love, tonight on QVC Presents QSessions Live at 9 p.m. EST. Are you buying what she’s selling?

Perhaps you prefer Heather Graham getting, uh, close with Jaime Winstone in Boogie Woogie. Some of the photos are NSFW, which will probably entice you more, you dirty lesbian.

Here’s someone who won’t be getting a GLAAD Award anytime soon. Renee Baio, aka Scott’s wife, got angry at for posting one of her husband’s Tweets and decided to respond.

She apparently wanted to express that not all lesbians are s–theads, following up with:

She sounds like fun!

AE ready rusty_tiffany sent us this video from Funny or Die starring Anyone But Me‘s Sophie, Jesse Hodges. Stick with it until the end and you’ll see her lock lips with a girl (not Rachael Hip-Flores).

Here’s some shameless self-promotion: New Music Tuesday blogger Hornito and I have a podcast called Chick Habit where we talk about gay women in music and play their tunes. We just posted our fourth episode and new videos from Sia and An Horse. Have I won your hearts yet?

Lastly, we’re starting up a new dating and relationships column on the site, and would love your input. Got a question or topic you’d like to see discussed? Send it on over and I’ll see that our guru gets it. Also, if you have a name suggestion, that’d be cool, too, because “Talking, Laughing,Loving,Breathing, Fighting, F—-ng,Crying, Drinking” is too long, you know?

See you tomorrow!

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