Morning Brew: Friday, April 16



Last night on Bones, the episode started with two girls going into a barn to make out. Here’s how the conversation went down:

Girl 1: I’ve only been here with boys before.

Girl 2: Me, too. But I love that Katy Perry song so much. It speaks to me, you know?

Girl 2: Totally.

Girl 1: OK so just kissing no touching things or anything.

Girl 2: No, just the stuff that’s in the song.

But before they can start to do any of the above, they start hearing things and get attacked by a rabid raccoon with a skull on its head. Cue Bones and Booth coming in to survey the skull. The police offer tells them that it was found by “two girls rolling around” and Booth asks, “Two girls?” The female police officer replies, “Yeah it’s the twenty first century, sweetheart — get with the program.”

A couple of eye-roll worthy moments but I’m sure there are some teen girls out there rolling around in the hay because they wonder why Katy Perry pretended to like it. As our tipster Vicki noted, “At least they didn’t die!” You can watch the clip and entire episode at

Next Monday, BET will be showing the film Truth Hall, which features a prominent lesbian character and storyline. It’s not too often that the channel is LGBT-inclusive, so definitely make sure to catch the film about best friends who come together for a wedding and end up sharing all their secrets. Scandalous! (Thanks Ashley!)

The London Evening-Standard has a profile of Imogen Poots, who starred as young Valerie, the lesbian schoolgirl in V for Vendetta and also in the Eva Green film Cracks.

They note that Imogen didn’t have to be the one kissing another girl in V for Vendetta, and that an older actress had stepped in. She told the paper:

If you’re savvy and strong you can avoid exploitation, but if you’re naïve you can be taken advantage of very easily in this business. I’m lucky in that I have close friends and family and my agent to advise me.

She also notes she wants to do a Woody Allen film, and we all know Woody likes to include some girl-on-girl once in a while. Fingers crossed! (Imogen is 20 now — she can do her own stunts.)

Did you miss Club Skirts’ The Dinah on Last Call with Carson Daly this week? Here’s the clip.

Good on ya, Mariah!

Hope you have an awesome weekend.

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