An interview with Tegan Quin


Tegan and Sara have just finished their U.S. tour in support of Sainthood and are about to embark on an opening slot for the female-fronted pop punk band Paramore, which will likely bring them some fans of the new Warped Tour era. Last month, they released Alligator Remix LP, which includes 17 remixes of their second single, “Alligator,” from the likes of Passion Pit, Four Tet, Dave Sitek and Ra Ra Riot.

On a day off, Tegan took some time to answer a few questions about her style in comparison to her sister’s, why she loves Justin Bieber and what fans can expect from them in the next year.

All photos by Lindsey Byrnes

On working with Tiesto on the track “Feel it in My Bones”:

Tegan Quin: Tiesto asked us to collaborate on his record and when I saw the list of artists, I was just besides myself excited. I’m a big fan of Metric and I remember getting Nelly Furtado‘s first record the year I was to graduate high school, so I was really excited at the prospect of being on a CD with all of these amazing artists. It was really cool and I really like Tiesto a lot and he really supports a lot of female artists. I really liked the album a lot. And just the teenager raver in me was excited to be on a Tiesto record.

On working with only male DJs for the Alligator Remix LP:

TQ: The “Alligator” remix thing, I mean, we sent it to about 30 different people and we got about that many remixes back and there just wasn’t that many women. There were a few remixes that came back from female DJs but there wasn’t a ton of stuff that came back that we loved or felt like was totally what we were looking for.

Just like when you look at the rock and alternative charts, there’s not that many women who actually play guitar or are fronting bands that would be considered rock. There’s a lot of women in music but it’s all pop music, really, and just like there’s not a lot of women in rock, there’s not a lot of women engineers, not a lot of women sound people, not a lot of women tour managers, there’s not a lot of women presidents or vice presidents of record companies. We’re still living, really, in a male-dominated world and Sara and I do our best to always pick female openers for us like An Horse, Holly Miranda, Girl in a Coma, Northern State and we really try our best to bring on as many women as we can. That’s why I’m so excited about Lilith Fair being back. Everywhere we go, we’re on these rock and alternative festivals and we’re the only women. Sometimes that’s good because you stand out, but sometimes I am really surprised by the shortage of female anything.

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