Morning Brew: Monday, April 12


Hi Monday brewsters!

The Advocate wrote a piece on Jackie Warner discussing her rise and fall on Work Out, and how she is frequently seen as a narcissistic stereotype of lesbian that many gay women don’t appreciate. In fact, The Advocate even quotes an reader who once wrote, “I continue to be astonished at how highly Jackie thinks of herself.” But for those who might like Jackie’s brand of reality TV star, you’ll be happy to know that she talks about her new show, Thintervention, and why her book is called This is Why You’re Fat (because she thinks you really are).

Psychology Today featured a blog on why girls are more likely to be bisexual or lesbian today, and PsychCentral disagreed with their reasoning, arguing that it just so happens that lesbian and bisexual girls feel more comfortable coming out in 2010. The Psychology Today was arguing something about pornography and a girl shaving her netheregions for her boyfriend and then telling him she was bisexual. I think this one is PsychCentral for the win.

Aussie TV personality Ruby Rose is still keeping her mouth shut when it comes to who she is involved with (though most fans would tell you it is model Catherine McNeil), but she did tell the Sydney Morning-Herald that she’s very happy with who she’s with.

I’m in a very happy and loving relationship and I feel blessed and very lucky but I just don’t choose to talk about my relationship. I couldn’t be happier, I’ve never been happier but telling people whether I’m engaged or not is not part of my job description and it’s not my right to tell people, so I don’t have to. If you give your whole, entire self to somebody else, you’ve got nothing to hold on to and that’s when people go crazy. Britney, Lindsay, Mischa … they gave too much.

Fair enough, I’m just glad she is so open about being gay. She’s been a very positive influence on baby dykes down under, including Jess from The Veronicas. (Thanks Kathryn!)

Still haven’t seen I Can’t Think Straight? How about The World Unseen? Now you can download both Shamim Sarif films on Score!

Danish reader CardinalXimenez let us know that there was a lesbian contestant named Tina Vildbrand on the country’s version of Hell’s Kitchen, but she was kicked off on the first episode this week. However, she did say that the good thing about going home was seeing her wife again. Aw.

But wait, there’s more! She also told us about a video from the one-man band Complicated Universal Cum (yeah, that’s his name) featuring two beautiful women staring at each other and kissing for the entire video. It’s called “I Can Hardly Wait,” and I know you’ll like it.

A new film about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell called Requiem: A Soldier’s Tale is seeking funds to be completed. Check out the trailer on It’s like Freeheld but about the military.

Speaking of politics, Grace Chu penned an essay for The Huffington Post on “the key to the gay rights movement: straight liberation.” Now I know that piqued your interest.

Biographer Kitty Kelley is readying to publish her book on Oprah Winfrey this week and she told People magazine that the lesbian rumors just aren’t true, noting there is “no foundation for the rumors of a lesbian relationship” between Oprah and best friend Gayle King. Something tells me this won’t really quell the gossip, but thanks for trying, Kitty!

Chew on that and come back for more tomorrow. Ciao!

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