Calvin Klein is in2u


Today's New York Times has an interesting article about Calvin Klein's new attempt to market a fragrance to today's 20-somethings, aka "the millennials." (In my opinion, that makes today's youth sound like aliens — and I do admit that some of the 20-somethings I encounter have very alien-like haircuts.)

The new scent is called in2u, and it is apparently the "sequel" to CK One, the unisex, androgynous cologne that took '90s grunge culture by storm. Here's an ad for in2U:

I dunno about you, but in2u has "flop" written all over it. I mean, first of all, the name is ridiculous. Second, Calvin Klein is trying to market this to the "technosexual" generation — a term they not only coined but trademarked, apparently without realizing that "technosexual" screams LAME from the highest rooftops. What, are people gonna dab on some in2u before they instant message someone called 20yocutie?

I must be officially old, because even though I'm not really into cologne, those CK One ads now seem like high art to me.

Ah, androgyny. Hot grrls in roughed-up jeans and tank tops. I Love the '90s.

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