Morning Brew: Friday, April 9



Jennifer Lopez is not bisexual. RadarOnline reported that she will be asked about being sexually involved with women on the stand at her upcoming court date with ex-husband Ojani Noa. He’s trying to dish out the dirt on his ex to bring in the cash.

JLo said she’s never kissed a woman and barely remembers playing a lesbian in Gigli. I don’t blame her for trying to forget that movie, but in her new Advocate interview, I can’t help but think she sounds a little unfriendly.

DJ Tracy Young has got a new job, and it has nothing to do with Kim Zolciak. She will be in charge of the music for the Showgirls-inspired indie feature Showgirl. Apparently there will be only one showgirl in all of Vegas, and it could be Tracy Young, who will also have a role in the film — her first stint as an actress.

No, Tracy won’t be playing the lead. That will be Rena Riffel from the original film, and she will play ” will play a “30 something year old Vegas stripper M.I.L.F., continuing her quest to become the star dancer in a seedy world full of witchcraft, temptation, and prostitution.” The press release says it’s Sunset Boulevard meets Mulholland Drive. So there’s a chance for some lesbian-type content, especially since Rena has been on Dante’s Cove. Gay! reader Lizzie tipped us off that there’s a lesbian couple on ABC Family’s 10 Things I Hate About You. Jolene Purdy plays Mandella, Kat (Lindsey Shaw)’s BFF who always seemed to have a little thing for her. This week, she introduced Kat to her girlfriend, Baby.

Here’s the full episode. Skip ahead to 16:30 to watch Baby get pissed about her girlfriend’s closest friend.

An interracial lesbian teen couple on ABC Family? Score! More, more!

On Sunday night, check out Kaki King on Logo’s New Now Next. Her new albums drops next Tuesday, too, so it’ll be the week of the Kaki.

Have a great weekend.

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