Morning Brew: Thursday, April 8


Do you love Thursdays? I’m kind of a fan. It’s the new Friday.

If you’ve been keeping up with 90210, you know that Adrianna has yet to come out to her palsies. When she does, though, Jessica Lowndes says it’s going to be “big.” She told the L.A. Times:

I think announcing it to the school that she was pregnant was a prime example of that. She’s somebody who goes through a lot of stuff, and drama seems to follow her everywhere and she’s essentially addicted to the highs and the lows. And with this, if this is the way she feels, she’s going to announce it. She’s not going to be scared to be who she is. And I think that’s admirable.

Jessica also said that Rumer Willis‘s character Gia is “a little embarrassed” by her sexuality at times.

She’s still very tentative and not truly comfortable in it. I think it’s truly important in the next few episodes to show it’s OK to have those feelings and to feel that way.

OK, I’m trying to keep positive about this, I really am. But every interview I read about this has Jessica also talking about Adrianna’s ex-bf Navid. In this interview, Jessica says “they are so connected.” If Gia ends up a lonely, embarrassed spinster I’m going to march over to the CW and demand justice.

If you’re in the UK, today is the last day you can watch Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey on the BBC website. Don’t you think she should team up with Angelina Jolie for a special called “Bisexual Around the World?” I’d be into that.

A government-run TV show in the Virgin Islands called Youth in Action is taking a page from Constance McMillen’s high school’s rule book. The producers canceled the show after interviewing a teen lesbian, calling it “too sensitive.” A source told the BVI News, however, that the show would have done a lot of good.

The intent of the show was to help people with their sexuality … it was about sexuality not about homosexuality where we give some information, answer questions people had etc.

Obviously this teen lesbian was trying to promote her own gay agenda. It’s a good thing they nipped this in the bud!

Amanda Palmer is finally free of her label, Roadrunner Records, as she publicly pleaded to be last year. She wrote a blog entry detailing the split and an open letter to Roadrunner, which included a wonderful photo.

Are you a gamer who doesn’t understand why you can’t make lesbian love happen in “Mass Effect 2?” Here’s what project lead Casey Hudson had to say about it:

Everything new that we add still requires extra content. Some people might argue in a case like that you could just have the same kinds of scenes that just work with different characters. But we wouldn’t really want to have it that way … So we kind of pulled back and said, “Well, the love interest is part of the story and it helps you care about the characters in a different way.”

So maybe some Sapphicness in “Mass Effect 3?” Said Casey:

…we know how important it is to our players to have that choice and we are going to continue to support that. We believe in diversity and we believe in enabling choices for our fans, it’s important to us.

A 15-year-old boy was sent home from school this week for wearing a shirt that said “I Love Lady Gay Gay.” Lady Gaga took to Twitter to share her feelings about the way he was treated.

The teacher was probably just jealous she couldn’t get tickets to the Fame Monster tour. Teacher: Just dance — it’ll be OK (Do, do, do, just dance.)

Until Friday!

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