K8 Hardy’s “buy now, gay later” fashion line


Fashion, art and queer culture interweave in bizarre and wonderful ways. New York City performance artist K8 Hardy knows this better than most.

The Reena Spaulings Fine Art sponsored artist is one of the founding editors of LTTR, a radical gender-queer, lesbian-feminist art collective and journal. She also works as a fashion stylist for clients including Fischerspooner and has made music videos for bands such as Lesbians on Ecstasy and Le Tigre. Now her work can be part of your wardrobe.

Hardy uses Cindy Sherman-esque self-portrait style in her work, and she does the same to sell her looks to consumers for J’Approve, her new clothing line. You can buy online or at JF and Son.

With a “buy now, gay later” tagline, and a page full of Hardy modeling various looks herself, J’Approve is most certainly bridging the art/fashion gap. Putting together garment labeled outlandishly themselves such as the art dealer blazer and the glamour binder into whimsical and thematic looks makes the buyer part of the art experience.

For now, however, the work is so new that there is filler text in the look descriptions, leaving plenty of room for the viewer to tell their own story about the girl with the green broom and bow in her hair wearing a nudetude body suit in front of bicycle parts or of the bleach blonde lounging on the floor in cowboy boots wearing a dress aptly titled “fun thing.”

However, I’m not sure any item can beat the Goofy cap or the be-fringed “performance panty.”

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