“The Real L Word” teaser trailer is here!


Yesterday, we brought you the cast list for Ilene Chaiken‘s new Showtime series, The Real L Word, and now, thanks to Autostraddle.com, we’ve finally got our first peek at what to expect when things stop getting polite, and start getting real — with real live lesbians.

That’s a lot of information to process in 38 seconds, huh? Well, not to worry, my sweet lezzers, I’ve gone ahead and broken it down for you, Lesbian Scientistics-style.

Of course, data is worthless if you don’t have a way to juxtapose it, so let’s just compare that to Mama Chaiken’s last project, season six of The L Word. Here’s a refresher for you:

Based on those charts, I’d give The Real L Word a B for seduction, and The L Word an A for seduction because of the way Rose Rollins was looking at me.

But that’s not really the important question here. The important question is: What kind of wreck is this thing going to be?

Rocketship wreck? I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait!

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