Morning Brew: Friday, April 2


It’s Friday, and you’re waking up with Jane Lynch! Actually, Jane Lynch is probably waking up with her fiance, Lara Embry — so let’s just say it’s Friday and you’re having breakfast with Jane and Lara. Still awesome. And look, she wants you to join her and Lara at the anniversary party for the National Center for Lesbian Rights on May 1 in San Francisco!

Oh, Jane Lynch. You are so cute; why isn’t there a pocket-sized you for traveling in my pocket?

You know who else is cute, in that Roosevelt-era kind of way? Mary Marvel. You guys remember Mary Marvel? She’s kind of a forebearer to Batwoman, actually — only with Mary Marvel you want to ruffle her hair like a puppy and with Batwoman you want to tangle her hair in your hands and — hem hem. Sorry.

So, has this column called Legends Revealed where they debunk comics myths, and one of the things they tackled recently is the legend of Mary Marvel’s magic word, SHAZAM! Her brother’s magic word was SHAZAM! too, and each letter represented a quality of a Greek god. ("H" for the strength of Hercules, for example.) Well, good ol’ Mary Marvel’s "S" was from Selena, for grace — but originally it was from Sappho.

(In the ’40s, Wonder Woman was also constantly wandering around exclaiming "Suffering Sappho!")

Back in the day, editor Ron Reed was not keen on the idea of Mary getting her SHAZAM! from the the Big Gay poet from Lesbos, so he changed it to Selena and later said in an interview:

[H]ere’s a scoop. Selena represents the first letter in Mary’s SHAZAM, right. Well, man, the original was Sappho! I killed her. I was not then enlightened about the healthful effects of homosexuality and lesbianism. In a small way, I was the Anita Bryant of my time. But I said, "Ol’ Sappho must go," and that’s how Selena got in.

The Anita Bryant of your time? Classy, dude. Real classy. "In a small way, I was the Lord Voldemort of my time." Seriously, what?

I wonder what kind of powers Sappho would bestow on a hero. I wonder if it’s, like, super-accurate gaydar or if maybe you just turn into Shane McCutcheon. And I wonder if I could get some of those powers to impress Kate Kane.

EW‘s Michael Ausiello has some scoop on The Good Wife:

Question: Some pity for The Good Wife fans, please? The next episode isn’t until April 6. Can you spare some scoop to tide us over, please? —Christine

Look for Alicia to take on the case of Kalinda’s ambiguous sexuality before the season’s up. Just don’t expect a clear-cut verdict.

And SGU‘s Ming-Na has some scoop on what’s coming up for her character, Camille Wray, in the second half of the season:

Pop Culture Zoo: One of the big things that it seems a lot of people latched onto, as far as the press and publicity before the show, was that Camile Wray is, of course, a lesbian. It’s been handled with great dignity and I hope that continues throughout the rest of the season and the show.

Ming-Na: I really applaud our writers and our producers for taking on that risk, because I had no idea before I came on board the Stargate world that she was the first gay character in 15 years. It seemed like a long time to do various series without having one. I was really astounded. It’s nice. It’s nice to have a part where they’re taking bigger risks, yet having the capacity and the heart to write a character that is as well-rounded. And there will be more.

There will be more! Maybe we’ll see Camille’s girlfriend in the second half of the season and they’ll make some more sexy stir fry!

The Advocate spoke to Jennifer Coolidge about The Dinah this weekend. The whole interview is charming, but here are my two favorite questions:

Have you ever been intimate with a woman?

Well, I was in New York in the ’80s, when there was a lot of ecstasy and stuff going on, so there were a lot of wild nights. Have I ever had a relationship with a woman? No. Then again, I’m always trying to figure out who I’d be with if I was with a woman. There are two different ways to go, and I feel like I could go both ways. I could be with a very sensual-looking woman like Angelina Jolie — a lipstick lesbian-type. But when I was in this rehab in my ’20s, there was a very butch girl in there who was like a really cute guy to me, and I remember thinking that I could’ve gone that way too.

You’ll no doubt get hit on by girls at The Dinah. Will you welcome those advances?

Are you kidding? If anyone is attracted, I’m surprised and flattered. At this point in life, it’s a good thing if anyone asks me out.

"You’ll no doubt get hit on by girls at The Dinah." Isn’t that The Dinah’s whole entire slogan?

Oh, hey — if you’re at The Dinah this weekend, you can stop by the Hilton Hotel Bar from 6 – 8 p.m. on Saturday to make a video for L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s "An Evening with Women" video contest. And if you’re not at The Dinah — which, let’s face it, is likely if you’re reading this post and not drinking mojitos — you can enter from home. The prize package includes tickets to An Evening with Women, backstage passes, a spa treatment, a night at the Beverly Hilton and $500 toward travel on American Airlines.

Here’s a video explaining the details:


So Amanda Seyfried is apparently sporting a new tattoo that’s got people talking. When she showed up to a Dear John screening a few days ago, she revealed a tattoo of the word "minge" on her foot. ("Minge" being Brit-slang for "vagina," apparently.)

Some gossip rags are saying the tat plus the on-screen girl kissing calls into question Seyfried’s sexuality. To which I say: 1) I’m pretty sure straight girls also have vaginas. 2) I’m also pretty sure if a dude showed up somewhere with the word "penis" tattooed on him, we wouldn’t assume he was gay. And 3) Is there actually someone out there keeping track of celebrity feet? Sheesh — I can barely keep up with my own BlackBerry and car keys most days.

Here’s another silly thing: At a screening of The Blind Side, Faith Hill said of her hubby’s on-screen wife: "She’s gorgeous. I wish I was kissing Sandra Bullock."

And I wish I was kissing Batwoman. Did I say that already? This Brew is getting redundant. Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

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