Anna Paquin comes out as bisexual


This morning, launched their campaign for LGBT equality with video PSAs starring creator Cyndi Lauper, Elton John, Clay Aiken and Wanda Sykes among others. In the video, True Blood star and Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin also makes her first public statement as being bisexual.

Note: There seems to be some weirdness with this player, so visit the site if you can’t view above.

According to, her “people” didn’t know she was going to be doing this, which is, unfortunately, not a surprise. Anna is engaged to her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer so all I have to say is too little, too late, Anna. Should have called me when you were single.

Just kidding!

True Blood is such a gay show already that this gives me even more hope that it will continue to embrace all kinds of LGBT topics and characters — and also that Sookie herself could dabble in some same-sex kissing. OK, that might be out of character, but I can dream.

Congrats, Anna Paquin. Welcome to our exclusive girl club.

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