New stills from “The Kids Are All Right”


Their kids might be all right, but movie moms Julianne Moore and Annette Bening look down-right lovely together in the new stills from The Kids Are All Right. The new film features Moore and Bening as lesbian moms in the midst of some family upheaval.

The actresses, both multiple Oscar nominees, play Nic (Bening) and Jules (Moore), a couple since college who have two teenage children together. They certainly make a believable couple.

Of course, this being a movie and there needing to be trouble, it comes when their daughter Joni (Alice in Wonderland’s Mia Wasikowska) goes in search of the sperm donor for her and her brother, Laser (Josh Hutcherson). No, I don’t know why these two seemingly perfectly nice lesbians would name their child Laser – I can only guess it was one too many Laser Floyd shows back in the day.

The kids find him in the form of Paul (Mark Ruffalo) and apparently some dark humor and other things ensue.

(SPOILER ALERT: By “other things” I mean Jules and Paul start having an affair. I know, blah.) Still the movie from out director Lisa Cholodenko (High Art, Laurel Canyon) has been receiving great reviews since it premiered at Sundance in January and just won the Teddy Award for best gay-themed feature at the Berlin Film Festival.

I’m a fan of Cholodenko’s work and she certainly knows how to weave a seductive story. I just hope we get to see some seduction between Nic and Jules, because this little exchange is not the stuff that sweaty bed sheets are made of.


Though, I’m quite looking forward to seeing the inevitable blow-up between Nic and Paul. Because that look on Annette’s face says she wants to shove his “food service profession” where the sun don’t shine.


Yeah, I’m with Nic – I’m already not a fan of Paul. So, what do you think? Does this movie look, well, all right?

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