Morning Brew: Wednesday, March 31


Hi women of the Sapphic persuasion.

What is it with gay women and Usher videos? OK, it’s arguable as to if Nicki Minaj is actually out as bisexual, but she certainly likes to hint at it. The MC is unavoidable these days, which is great for listeners and women in hip-hop alike. And in her cameo in Usher‘s new video, she shows off her interest in women and being the fiercest female in the club.

Sorry for all the Usher action. Hopefully when Nicki has her own LP come out, we’ll get way more of her to watch.

Home and Away‘s Kate Bell and Esther Anderson are up for Logie Awards. Bell (who played Joey Collins) is up for Most Popular Female Talent and Anderson (Charlie) is nominated for Most Popular Actress.

Said Bell of her nomination:

As an actress this was such a challenging role, not only because it questioned social mores, but because as a character, Joey Collins had such a dramatic life, so there were plenty of layers and levels for me to explore. … I extend my thanks to the writers for giving me so much material to work with and to the fans who were so supportive of this storyline and character.

She’s talking about all of us, kids! The awards will air on the Nine Network in Australia in May.

Chaz Bono has officially filed for a name and gender change with the state of California.

Pop dance diva Erika Jayne told the Examiner that she’s pretty psyched on playing The Dinah Shore Weekend this year and “can’t wait to give the girls a good show.”

I’m sure I’ll be vibing off the girl power. They’ve always been super supportive of me so now I get to do something for them. … It’s going to be a blast, now I can really sex it up!

I’m sure that’s what they’re betting on.

An all-girl band from Iceland called Elektra has a hot new video that you’re quite likely to enjoy. It includes a game of spin the bottle.

Set your Tivo for Wanda Sykes on Craig Ferguson tonight.

See you tomorrow!

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