Morning Brew: Monday, March 29


Hey guys! I’m back in action. Thanks to Heather Hogan for another wonderful job as the Brewster in my absence.

First thing’s first, Liz Feldman has scored a sweet new gig as a writer on the new Betty White show, Hot in Cleveland. Here’s what Liz had to tell us:

All I can say is that I love Betty White so much, I wish I could have her children but obviously that is impossible, because she has turned down all my advances. It really is a dream come true to write for her and for all the women in the cast: Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time), Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me), Jane Leeves (Frasier). These are women who I grew up watching and now I get to work with them. Also, one of the executive producers is my friend Sean Hayes from “Will and Grace.” I’m working for TV royalty! I am really lucky to have gotten this job.

Gays at the helm of hot funny women? I like the sound of that. Congrats, Liz!

Tila Tequila is trying to do a P Diddy and is changing her name to “Miss Tila.” And her first plan of action? An appearance on The Cleveland Show. You can hear Tila’s own voice on the show this Sunday, March 28 on Fox.

This isn’t going to do much for that “lesbians love cats” rumor.

Grey’s fans have been getting some Calzona goodies left and right around here! Shonda Rhimes guest blogged for EW and gave us a spoiler:

Callie and Arizona and Mark are going to do something dirty with pound cake. They were going to do something dirty with mini-muffins, but Broadcast Standards and Practices said no.

I could live without the “Mark” in that, but otherwise, OK!

Former Home and Away star Kate Bell will be showing up on the show Neighbours. You might remember her for playing Joey, the lesbian deck hand who romanced Charlie oh-so-briefly.

Zac Posen isn’t the only designer using lesbian love as a point of fashion for his latest line. Indian designer Niki Mahajan debuted a lesbian-themed line at the Wills Lifestyle Indian Fashion Week this past weekend. Said Mahajan:

I chose to use the subject of lesbian love for my line because it is an important issue and the message I wanted to give to my audience was that when a husband can love his wife, why can’t a woman love another woman? I want the world to realize that we should not shy away from accepting the fact that love need not to happen between opposite sex. So we just accept gay people as a part of our society rather than ignoring their presence.

The models “held hands and embraced each other to profess their love for each other.” So cool.

Our lesbians on TV count might be going down soon. The Hollywood Reporter says that Christine Woods (aka gay FBI agent Janis Hawk on FlashForward) is up for a new pilot on NBC. It’s called Perfect Couples and sounds very, very straight. Sigh.

The Guardian asked Kathleen Hanna and Joan Jett and other musicians and former riot grrls: “Where did all the angry women rockers go?” Hanna notes we shouldn’t forget that Beth Ditto is doing it big and Joan says there’s a new generation of girls ready to go:

I think we’re coming back to that fertile ground where people have had enough of the way things are, I can feel it. Those girls are out there, in every city, banging around — and when they find their outlet, it’s going to be just like it was for me.

I still subscribe to the “What Would Joan Jett Do” way of life, so I’m hoping this is true.

See you tomorrow!

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