Storyboarding the “Skins” movie


In case you haven’t heard, our Great LezBritain columnists, Sarah and Lee, have confirmed with Ed Hime (who penned Emily’s episode in series four) that the Skins movie is a definite go. (And they’ve got an excellent interview with him coming soon!)

So, while we’re waiting for news, I though I’d throw some storyboards together for some Skins movie ideas I’d like to see.

Firstly, my main goal in life is to see every Jane Austen book rewritten in a modern time frame with lesbian protagonists. So, why not Skins? Naomi as the brooding Darcy. Emily as the clever Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Here’s a trailer for refresher purposes.


The music in that trailer is the the score from Love Actually and it makes me cry every single time! 

Secondly, if this vampire trend is going to stick around, we might as well make it awesome. And when I "awesome" you say "Katie Fitch." For Katie F–king Fitch: Vampire Slayer, I’m thinking Twilight meets Buffy meets Torchwood.

Here’s the Twilight trailer, too — just in case it hasn’t been burned into your brain by now.

What do you think? Awesome, right? I’ll bring the popcorn; you bring the chocolate! 

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