Morning Brew: Friday, March 26


Morning, sunshines — welcome to Friday!

Chloe finally hits theaters today (Have you read our review? You should read our review), and critics seem to be split right down the middle about it. The one thing everyone seems to agree on, though, is that the best part of the film is the sexual tension between Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore.

Here’s a sampling of reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. (Red tomato, good. Green tomato, bad.)

It offers one of the steamier sex scenes you’re likely to see at the movies this year? Is that supposed to be a negative review?

Selena Gomez

Lilith Fair has added two artists and six more cities to their summer tour. Selena Gomez and Jennie Rivera have joined the already stellar lineup that will now be stopping in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, San Diego, Los Angeles and Denver. You can check out all the other details and stay, um, abreast of any breaking news at

Girl in a Coma

And speaking of tours to get hyped about, Girl in a Coma just wrapped up their appearances with Xiu Xiu, and they’re getting ready to head back out with The Wedding Present (starting April 11 in NYC) and Sia (starting April 25 in Chicago). The band is also releasing a series of three EPs, "Adventures in Coverland," starting April 13. You can check out their full tour calendar and get info about "Girls in Coverland" at their site.

Current TV’s Bryan Safi just posted a new episode That’s Gay, which features some excellent advice for closeted politicians.

And finally, after all the rumors flying around about the Skins movie happening and then not happening and then happening again, our own Great LezBritain team has confirmed that the movie is a 100 percent, definite, positive, absolute go. We’re working on a scoop for you, and I might have some info this afternoon. Either way, I’ve got a Skins movie post coming and let me just say this: Katie F–king Fitch: Vampire Slayer. So, I’ll see you back this afternoon for that.

Have a great weekend! Trish Bendix will be back on Monday. (Ask her about her superhero costume; ask her for a photo!)

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