Breaking news: “Jackie” and “Tara” renewed for a third season


Exciting news for fans of Nurse Jackie and the United States of Tara: both shows have just been renewed for a third season.

Since each show is just one episode into Season 2, the renewal shows a lot of faith from Showtime that the series’ will maintain their popularity with audiences and critics. And I think they’re right, having seen the first half of both shows’ sophomore seasons.

After concerns that Nurse Jackie would get less gay now that gay-Mo-Mo is no mo’, Season 2 is gayer than ever. Nurse Thor (played by Stephen Wallem, brother of series co-creator and out lesbian Linda Wallem) is a regular this year. And Julia Ormond will guest star for a mid-season arc as the lesbian paramour of one of our favorite characters (we’ll tell you soon, I promise). Here’s hoping that another season brings the possibility of exploring that character’s sexual orientation in even more, um, depth.

The United States of Tara keeps its gay going with a central storyline about Marshall exploring his sexual identity – with a few twists that only a show like Tara could pull off. And Tara’s male alter, Buck, has a relationship with a bartender (Joey Lauren Adams) that causes all sorts of upheaval in the family — and makes us look at sexual fluidity in a whole new way. If Tara’s other alters start dating, we might see the entire range of the Kinsey scale come to life next season.


If you aren’t watching and want to see what all the fuss is about, you can catch the first episode of both shows at the Showtime site, using the password “habit forming.” Showtime also is in the midst of a free preview weekend through Sunday, so if you get on-demand cable, you can catch us on Season 1 as well.

Are you excited about more Jackie and Tara?

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