“Glee” teases us with sneaky gays, Madonna and Brittana, oh my


I’ll give the good folks at Glee this: They certainly don’t scrimp on the extras. With 19 days still to go before a new episode airs, they’ve been working overtime to give fans tidbits to tide them over.  

First up, let’s take a look at the world the way Sue C’s it. Hint: Put down your beverage before pressing play, otherwise you might spit it onto your screen laughing. You’ve been warned.  

I need a T-shirt that says "Swish it up a bit!" immediately, if not sooner. Also, the irony of gay Jane Lynch playing anti-gay Sue Sylvester is just, mmm-mmm, delicious.

Then there is the newest promo.  

How do you two not have a show on Bravo? “Like a Prayer” as sung by Lea Michele. Sing-offs after school. Oh, Glee, you do play to your audience perfectly. Rachel’s big number appears in the show’s equally big “The Power of Madonna” episode April 20. The track list has already been released:

1. Express Yourself  

2. Bordeline/Open Your Heart  

3. Vogue  

4. Like A Virgin  

5. 4 Minutes  

6. What It Feels Like For A Girl  

7. Like A Prayer

I honestly can’t decide which song I’m most excited to hear. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, Fox has also released new promo pictures of the entire cast (even “Other Asian” and “Shaq” get one – to see them all, click here.)

Sadly, no Brittany and Santana shot together. But that, of course, if why they invented Photoshop.

Plus, Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, spoke about the Brittana coupling in a Q&A on her fansite, Heather-Morris.com. Guess what, she reads us!

Q: How does she feel/is she aware about the positive attention that she gets from afterellen.com and fanfiction and sites like that with support of a Brittany/Santana (Britanna) storyline?

A: It’s good to actually hear that my character Brittany and Santana have such a huge impact on viewers. I knew of the article on Afterellen.com, but to be constantly made aware of its positivity from numerous people, and to have so much support from the world, it’s definitely one of the most rewarding feelings to be touching others lives in such a sensitive subject.

Aww, now I want a T-shirt that says “Brittana Forever.”

So, are you excited about all the promos? Are you ready for more Brittana? And for the love of jazz hands, can it just be April 13 already?

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