Morning Brew: Thursday, March 25


Do you ever get the sneaking suspicion that Trish Bendix is a crime-fighting superhero? I mean, look at the evidence: she disappears for a couple of days, returns and the world is a better place, is hardly ever seen without her full-body spandex onesie. (I made that last thing up, but I feel like it’s a real possibility.) Anyway, Trish is out hero-ing for the rest of the week, which means you guys are stuck with me again.

So: hey, good morning!

Let’s jump right to primetime, shall we? On last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Callie and Arizona had the baby talk, and it did not go well. Callie is pro-baby and Arizona is pro-saving other people’s kids’ lives, and when the episode went off the air, every lesbian in America was shaking her fist at the TV all, "Shonda Rhimes, I swear to the god of parking lots…"

I’ve got some spoilers for you in increasing levels of spoiler-tude, so stop reading now if you want to go into the rest of the season with wide eyes. (If that’s you, come here and let me give you a hug; you must not have watched the third season of The L Word, you precious little lambs.)

Here’s a couple of promo stills from next week’s episode, "Sympathy for the Parents."

And here’s a promo clip from tonight’s episode, "Suicide is Painless," from Jessica Capshaw‘s appearance on The View:

And here’s a quote from E! Online’s "Spoiler Chat" with Kristin:

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase can’t last forever, not even for Callie and Arizona. In the coming weeks, the lovebirds will face an uncertain future when they realize their long-term plans of coupledom differ a bit.

And finally, here’s Shonda Rhimes, responding on Twitter because she heard about WikiHow’s spike in lesbian traffic. (Search phrase: "voodoo dolls")

"You will fear," she says. "You will fear!" That’s very Old Testament-y.

But not to worry, apparently: "MFEO" means "Made For Each Other." I’m not sure what, exactly, "MFEO" means in the Seattle Grace Halls of Doom and Obliteration (SGHODAO) but we will see. (Maybe we should huddle close in the meantime. How about in this elevator? It looks safe.)

Hey, here’s some good news: Gossip just dropped the "Pop Goes the World" video from their latest album, "Music for Men."

It’s been a good year for Beth Ditto: She’s Paper‘s covergirl for their 13th annual "Beautiful People" issue.

Remember that Hawaii Five-O remake Dorothy Snarker told you about? Well, Egotastic has posted some photos of Grace Park readying for her surf scenes.

(You can thank Karman Kregloe for that. She got up early to send in a tip just for you!)

Diablo Cody has a new big screen script on the way. Details are sparse about the project, but Entertainment Weekly did give us a name and a snippet of a description: Young Adult is a "comedy with a strong dramatic backbone." Oh, and she’s teaming up with Juno producers again. (I think that’s called a "win, win, win.")

And finally, Miley Cyrus spoke to People magazine about why she quit Tweeting, and guess what? It was homophobia.

That’s the reason I deleted my Twitter account because I said on there that I believed in gay marriage because everyone should have the right to love each other, and I got such hate mail about my being a bad person.

There has been so much controversy sometimes about what I’ve said or done because I believe there are no mistakes because God is the only one who can judge us.

I told you guys the Hannah Montana movie was gay!

Tonight on LezTV: Grey’s Anatomy and FlashForward. And I will see you tomorrow. Same gay time. Same gay channel.

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