Morning Brew: Wednesday, March 24


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Fans of lesbians and Gillian Anderson alike will be psyched on the new film Boogie Woogie. Check out the trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

Oh what a tangled web we weave! Can’t wait to see this one — even though the lesbian character played by Jaime Winstone is described as “predatory.”

Nurse Jackie star Stephen Wallem talked with The Advocate about being openly gay, playing a gay nurse and working with his lesbian sister Linda, who is one of the show’s writers.

Edie Falco and Linda Wallem

Says Stephen about his sister:

Yes, we’re very close, and we were both been blessed with the most supportive family to come out to. We also have an older brother who’s straight, so my mom got grandchildren out of it, thank God. [Laughs] We also had a gay uncle, my mom’s brother, who we lost a couple years ago. He had a huge influence on Linda and me, both artistically and personally. He was a playwright, so he instilled both of us with a love of theater and classic movies. He was with his partner for over 30 years, so we grew up seeing a rock-solid gay marriage between Uncle Jim and Ken even before we understood what that meant. That was wonderful for us to see, but it also raised our standards really high.

Coolest family of the year award goes to the gays that work on Nurse Jackie. Sweet gigs, ya’ll.

Planning on getting married in the near future? There’s finally a magazine for you/us. Equally Wed has launched as “the nation’s same-sex wedding magazine.” The website is up, too, with some great features on planning, honeymoons and more.

Did you ever watch Kelly Ripa on the short-lived series Hope & Faith? Perhaps you saw the one where she pretended to be a lesbian to get an apartment. (I love when being gay is used as an advantage — especially in real estate!) Kelly recently told The Advocate that it was her favorite episode.

… Because the show’s creator was Joanna Johnson, who played a sex goddess that men fought over on The Bold and the Beautiful, but in real life she was a young soap star terrified to come out of the closet. This was many years ago, when you were really expected to be the full fantasy package and live like the characters that you played, so she didn’t know what would happen to her career if people knew she was gay. That episode was the most fun for me to play, and it was certainly the most fun for her to write because these were moments that she lived — she’d been there and done that. I think that had she written the sitcom the way it really played out in her mind, maybe Faith Fairfield would’ve been gay. Who knows? Maybe that’s why Faith couldn’t hold down a relationship. I always kept that in the back of my mind.

Interesting. “Kelly Ripa: Behind the failed sitcom.”

We’re going to have an interview with Joey Lauren Adams in our near future. Got a question for the Chasing Amy star that is now playing Toni Collette‘s girlfriend on United States of Tara? Shoot your questions to our writer Lesley on Twitter @snoodit, or write them in the comments below. I’ll make sure she gets them. Promise!

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