Styled Out: Becoming a cherry bomb


If any of you saw The Runaways this weekend and sat through an hour and 45 minutes of Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and somehow didn’t fall in love — well, you’re dead to me. I’d like to take this moment as my official “I-told-you-so” to all of the broads who doubted her talent and dubbed her mediocre or any other unmentionable adjective (cough jealous cough). The look of the leads was a major point of interest in almost every interview for both Kristen and Dakota Fanning , and I think that it’s safe to say that the Queens of Noise are going to inspire more than your libidos.

How can you mimic this look for yourself without looking like a total weirdo? I’ll tell you. It is possible to pull this off without looking like the saddest replica of a Hot Topic ad.

Leather is a classic that Joan revolutionized for women back in the ’70s because as the first scene in the movie depicts — it was considered “boys only” territory. I might go as far as saying that JJ pretty much opened the door for butches everywhere as far as being visible and strong woman daring to wear what was “off limits.” Motorcycle leather can be pretty bad ass and it looks best worn in so if you have the patience, perusing a vintage store or two would definitely be in your best interest and you might even have some luck thrifting.

Buying new? is a great choice; they have a huge variety of cuts and styles that won’t break the bank. A pleather or Wilson Leathers substitute is not going to cut it, so don’t even try if you’re not going to put out some effort.

How about that hair? I’m actually kind of a huge fan of the urban mullet and nothing says hipster like a brand new shag cut, so why not? The real life Joan Jett has got some thick, stick straight hair making the ’70s version of the cut look super severe. It is truly tragic that hairdressers of old didn’t understand the magic of texturizing and taking some weight out. While portraying Jett, Kristen was all all slicked and styled and purposely dated but she when hanging out just being her regular K-Stew self and not poised to pull off the most authentic Jett, it actually looked pretty hard and by that I mean totally rad.

There’s something to be said for an actress who throws herself into a part so completely that she chops her locks to fit it so literally. She had to shave her head and wear wigs just so she could shoot Eclipse and transform back into Bella. That’s dedication, ladies.

To make sure that you walk out of the salon with a replica and not a disaster, make sure to have a picture or two to reference. The best way to guarantee a successful and also more creative cut is to communicate and to have an example and — my oh my — didn’t K set you up with a good one? A gradual shag is totally different from a steppy situation and a Girl Scout is always prepared.

The scene where Joan is shown tagging and ripping up her very own hand made Sex Pistols T (complete with safety pin detail) is pretty much as renegade as it gets. You too can easily create your own masterpiece. I’ve done it, it just takes a bit of effort and maybe a whiskey or two providing you’re of age to engage unlike our teenage heroines in the film. It’s a lot to explain but I found a simple online tutorial courtesy of DIY Fashions for you to follow and it’s almost as if I’m there to give you step by step tutorial in a booze fueled craftavaganza.

After step 3, you’ll definitely be stylishly shredded adequately enough to strut it like you mean it.

Who wants to be a cherry bomb?

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