L.A. Scene March 2010: Jill Hennessy live, An Evening With Women V.I.P. Launch Party and Fusion Film Festival


L.A. Scene is a monthly column that chronicles lesbian nightlife and events of interest in Los Angeles. Sarah Witness, an East Coast transplant and obvious femme, has been navigating the snark infested waters of Hollywood since 2001. Although she’s an NYU trained actress, she prefers sipping vodka and making idle chit-chat at really gay nightclubs.

Jill Hennessy Performs at The Hotel Cafe

Guess who’s performing in Lilith Fair this year? No, not me. Everyone’s favorite honorary lesbian Jill Hennessy.

If you haven’t seen her in the hit lesbian flick Chutney Popcorn, do so now. Although she’s better known for Crossing Jordan and Law & Order, Jill’s talents extend well beyond homicide investigation. She actually began as a street musician, playing sidewalks and subway stations in Toronto and New York City. She made her recording debut in 2003 for the Crossing Jordan soundtrack. Now she has a new album, Ghost in My Head.

Last month, Jill performed in Hollywood at The Hotel Cafe. I made the mistake of showing up on time, rather than early. The place was totally packed with lesbians, including Chutney Popcorn director Nisha Ganatra, and straight men including Benjamin Bratt.

Jill Henessy with Nisha Ganatra

Jill had a great set. She sounds a lot like she could be the third Indigo Girl, a duo that she’s a huge fan of. They’ve clearly been a strong influence. I chatted with her after the show. She was really sweet and really normal, which can be rare in Los Angeles. It was probably because she lives in New York.

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