New Music Tuesday: 3-23-2010


Happy Tuesday my beautiful music lovers. I’ve been knee-deep prepping for my little sister’s Bat Mitzvah this weekend and have needed some new music to get the techno Hava Nagila out of my head.

GoldfrappHead First (Mute Records Ltd.)

Top honors this week goes to Allison Goldfrapp. Not only is she a lady lover, she is also a very talented musician. Her voice is as soothing as a soy vanilla latte going down and makes me want to get under some silky sheets with only a strobe light to cast shadows on my walls.

She & HimVolume Two (Merge Records)

There are two things it is very hard for me to get past when it comes to Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward’s collaboration. The first is that Zooey is in my top 15 for crushes at the moment. The second, unfortunately, is that I can’t separate her music from her Cotton commercial anymore. Everything sounds like a sweet California girl from the ’60s who just can’t wait to put on her yellow cotton dress and go for a ride in her boyfriend’s Corvette as the sun goes down. The touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives.

Shunda KDa Backwoods EP (GMEQCA)

Thank goodness for out MC Shunda K, that is all I can say. She is flipping the script up nasty style on new music Tuesday. Her beats are wicked and there is nothing but a big hot mess of a dance party taking place in my desk chair. Trish Bendix and I actually broke out into an impromptu dance party while listening to Shunda’s single, “Tired of Bulls–t” at our last Chick Habit recording session. By the way, if you aren’t listening to our podcast, just know that you are hurting my feelings and making babies all across America cry.

QuadronQuadron (Plug Research)

This Danish duo is new to me but it has been love at first listen. Stylistically jazzy soul with vocals like the love-child of Feist and the xx.

MonicaStill Standing (J Records)

Fact: Monica is hot. I had the biggest crush on her when she and Brandy did the video for “That Boy is Mine.” Is this new album amazing? Well, it’s not my favorite; I think she’s got it in her to do better.

The UnthanksHere’s the Tender Coming (Rough Trade)

The Unthank sisters have put together a beautiful album filled with almost church-like harmonies. There is no booty-shaking going on over here but if Irish folk story-telling with sparse instrumentals is your thing, you’ll love this.

Honorable mentions: Bettie Serveert, Sonya Kitchell, Justin Bieber (who looks like a lesbian), The Bird and the Bee (covering Hall & Oates), Snoop Dogg and An Horse‘s new remix album.

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