Morning Brew: Tuesday, March 23


Guess who is doing a musical episode now? You’ll never guess because it’s probably one of the more unlikely choices. Fox’s sci-fi show Fringe will be full of cover songs on an upcoming episode that is “a hallucination by the show’s resident mad scientist, Walter Bishop (John Noble).”

Says the show’s lesbian star Jasika Nicole:

None of us ever thought that it was really going to happen. It was just a joke. When I first read [the script], I thought, “How are they going to pull this off? This is really weird.” And it makes complete sense within the story. … And it happens in the 1940s. Everybody’s in 1940s dress, but they still have cell phones and stuff.

Sounds intriguing. I’ll watch just to see what songs Jasika and co-star Anna Torv will sing. “She Blinded Me With Science?”

Check out these hot (NSFW) stills from Room in Rome. Now you don’t have to keep re-watching and pausing the trailer. Here are a few that you can view safely around your boss or parents. (Maybe not.)

The only release date so far is May 7 and that’s in Spain. Lucky Spaniards.

Jodie Foster is on Entertainment Weekly‘s list of 13 Child Stars Who Made It. I would have added Cynthia Nixon to that list, too.

Primarily straight dating and relationships site has come up with “7 Female Celebs We’d Like to Kiss.” The gayish include Sara Ramirez and Drew Barrymore. That’s as close as they get to someone who would actually want to kiss a girl IRL.

Rosie O’Donnell told Access Hollywood that rumors of her new daytime show are making her old View co-hosts nervous. Rosie said Barbara Walters asked her, “‘What time are you gonna be on?’ I [know] that The View wants to be on in the Oprah spot, so just for sh–s and giggles, I said, ‘Oh yeah, the Oprah spot.’… to which Barbara’s face goes slack-ish.” Ro, you’re such a troublemaker.

Look who was into our coverage of Las AparicoErendira Ibarra, who plays the lesbian character Mariana.

Much love for you, too, Erendira.

Just a note that there will be no BLWE this week, as Karman and myself will be traveling. We’ll still have great content for you on the site all week, though.

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