Morning Brew: Monday, March 22


Morning, Mondayers.

The New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane wrote up bisexual-themed films The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Chloe in a joint review this week, and he didn’t seem to really like either of them. The best part about the piece is this fun Lisbeth Salander graphic.

Don’t worry — we’ll have our own review of Chloe for you this week.

Another fun caricature comes by way of The Wall Street Journal‘s piece, “Showtime’s Bad Girls Make Good.” The premium cable network is home to Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, Weeds and the new Laura Linney show, The Big C, all focused on flawed but enjoyable female characters. The WSJ notes:

The network tried to take chances with series like The L Word about lesbians in West Hollywood and Queer as Folk, about gay men living in Pittsburgh, but the concepts never caught on against the likes of The Sopranos and Sex and the City on HBO. “It took an awful lot of years of work to determine what subscribers would embrace,” [chief executive Matthew] Blank says.

Well, the problem wasn’t the gay factor, I can tell you that much: All of the aforementioned shows that are already on air have had LGBT characters. I’m holding out hope for The Big C to follow suit.

I’m going to preface this with an eye roll. Former Miss Singapore World, Ris Low, recently wrote a blog post about her sexuality. Apparently she “used to be confused” but got “so sick with men she decided to convert.” But wait, there’s more: If she dates a woman, she “two-times her” with a man. Eye roll has now turned into a huge groan.

From a lesbian sock to gay penguins, our LGBT-themed children’s books just keep coming, and it’s so exciting. Oh The Things Mommies Do is now available for purchase. Here’s an excerpt:

Mommies ride bikes and conquer the flu.

They keep on the fridge the things that you drew.

Mommies jump on trampolines and plant gardens too.

They sing your favorite songs with you!

Oh the things mommies do!

What could be better than having two?

Lastly, some good news for Calzona fans.

See you tomorrow!

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