Morning Brew: Friday, March 19


Top of the morning to you! I should have done that on St. Patrick’s Day, but my week is still off-kilter from SXSW. Please excuse me!

I promise I’m not slacking on the brew, though. Let’s start with the new Stargate Universe trailer for season 2.

Lot’s of Ming-Na. I like it!

Did you watch the video of Logo at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City we posted yesterday?’s editor Michael Jenson was in attendance and told us about his run-in with lesbian actress Sarah Paulson.

I sat right next to Sarah during the ceremony and she was great. When [ writer and GLAAD Media Award winner] Brent Hartinger was giving his acceptance speech, he mentioned Sarah Warn and when he said, Sarah Paulson whooped outloud. It was very cute. I introduced myself afterward, told her who I was and said how jealous AfterEllen would be I sat close to her. She insisted we take a picture to make everyone even more jealous.

Mission accomplished, Michael!

Lady Gaga says no one will understand her video for “Telephone” until “six months after its release.” So maybe I need to give Fox News some more time. Idolator made a list of some of the worst points that Fox’s Sandy Rios made about “Telephone,” including her statement, “Gaga and Beyoncé gay lesbian lovers? It’s disgusting … this is poison for the minds of our kids. And our minds.”

Idolator’s response? “You could look deeper into Gaga and Beyoncé’s relationship in the video, but not once do they kiss. OK, Gaga does smooch a masculine-looking female prisoner, but as far as Bey is concerned, she and Gaga are just partners in crime. This is simply the close-minded complaint of homophobia. (Also, does being a “gay lesbian” cancel each other out to make you heterosexual?)”

I’m not sure. I’ll let you all weigh in on that, but I think being a gay lesbian makes you even cooler.

The San Francisco Bay Times has a fab interview with Noomi Rapace who plays Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Noomi says she thinks Lisbeth isn’t necessarily bisexual but that she’s a “a sexual spirit and f–ks whomever she wants to f–k. I don’t think she ever analyzes herself. She follows her impulses and does what she wants to do.”

Fair enough. Noomi also notes that she lost a lot of weight to become more “masculine” for the role, learned how to ride a motorcycle to do her own stunts and actually got the facial piercings (but not the dragon tattoo).

Jessica Capshaw was on The View yesterday and Barbara Walters and co. couldn’t resist asking about her “lesbian kissing.”

Hornito and I have started a new podcast called Chick Habit, which is available on iTunes or our website. This week’s episode is focused on SXSW and the gay women artists playing the festival, including Holly Miranda, An Horse, Shunda K, Bridget Lyon and Butch County. Check it out!

Have a great weekend.

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