Styled Out: Don’t call it a comeback


I walked into Target yesterday to stock up on necessities and, as soon as I walked through the door, I was smacked in the face with an onslaught of fluorescent threads — not the few sprinkled in between that we were seeing last season, however. It was more like Kelly Kapowski’s entire summer wardrobe was back on display and available for your purchasing pleasure. This is not a drill, darlings. I opened up my little peepers, did a bit of perusing and I’m here to report back to you.

Neon in various forms has been flowing in and out of our hearts for the past few seasons and it seems like summer of 2010 is really going to be its time to shine. To avoid looking like a total glow worm, though, keep it to a minimum. Add pop to your life with a great pair of crossing guard orange suspenders or toxic tangerine jellies.

There are few things on this earth that I love more than jelly shoes and I’m pretty much trying to build up as enviable of a collection that I possessed as an eight-year old. Suspenders are becoming my new favorite accessory because of the way they make it so easy and off beat to add a little something without some kind of overhaul.

You know what is the most overlooked makeover for your wardrobe ever? Shoelaces. You can change the whole look of your shoes and make them look brand spankin’ new by just switching out those babies. My favorite combination? Dressing up my perfectly worn in green converse with some violently violet laces.

Hello, my new little fluorescent buddies. I love you! You know how I like shaking things up a bit by pairing sneakers with your dress up digs? This is just like this except for every day. Yeah, so amazing.

Are you committed to the full-on fluorescent? Cool. I love a good and unexpected technicolor T-shirt or button up. My sister had the most awesome assortment while we were growing up, most being over-sized garments though the baggy look hasn’t really come back en vogue, they would fit perfectly on our now adult sized bodies. Think of all the money we could have saved if we had only had the foresight! Lady Sovereign concurs with our vision.

Are you hijacking this time machine back to 1993 with me?

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