Morning Brew: Wednesday, March 17


Good morning! I missed you all.

Thanks so much to Heather Hogan for filling in for me while I was away. She was fabulous, as I knew she would be. I didn’t want to leave you without all the lesbian tidbits you could get in the a.m.

And with that, there’s a lot to catch up on! Starting with a map of Joan Jett‘s tattoos.

The rocker did a great interview with Eye Weekly where she discussed Kristen Stewart‘s “sexualized” performance in The Runaways and her thoughts on the lesbian sex scenes and the attention they’ve been getting. The whole thing is worth a read, but here’s my favorite quote:

I always told [Kristen] that the guitar is very sexual, that when I play the guitar and the pickup where the sound comes from a guitar, you know… where the strings come over a guitar it’s a pickup … So my pickup is right on my pubic bone, it sits right there. So, sometimes, when it’s sitting just right… I’m not saying it’s a vibrator, but when you hit it right, it courses through your body in a way, that I guess is probably similar to sports, like a sports rush. Or just straight-up sexual. It’s not straight-up horny. It’s more of a super powerful feeling but it is definitely connected to your genitals, for sure. So for Kristen, I knew she was having to think about this a lot. And I know they didn’t have a lot of time to learn things, so she’s thinking about you know, where to stand or the lyrics, or whatever. And if I thought she needed a little encouragement, I would yell, “Kristen — push it to the wood! F–k your guitar!”

I wonder if Dakota Fanning was jealous.

Speaking of Kristen and Dakota, they are both fans of Lady Gaga. Kristen told MTV News, “”She’s really hot. She’s got a look.” Here’s the whole clip:

Not everyone is a fan, though, including True Slant writer Jeremy Helligar and director Michel Gondry. In a piece citing Gondry’s dismissive comments of Gaga’s talents, Helligar writes, “Take her overpraised and overplayed “Telephone” clip, a dumbed-down Thelma & Louise with lesbian overtones. Do we really need to see her strutting about a women’s prison wearing next to nothing with another frenetic, over-produced, ’90s-retro Eurodisco musical backdrop?”

In short, yes.

Would you see a film starring Angelina Jolie and Sarah Silverman as lovers? Stupid question, right? After Angelina told the NY Post she’d love to work with the comedian, Sarah responded on what kind of project they could work on together. “I always thought of her as Officer Tig [on The Sarah Silverman Program], like a lesbian police woman,” she said. I’m ready for this happen, like, yesterday.

I love Julianne Moore so hard. When a reporter from OK! asked her how kiss with Amanda Seyfried in Chloe compares to kissing her husband, Bart Freundlich, she apparently shouted, “That’s ridiculous!” and “stormed away.” Julianne must be getting sick of answering those kinds of questions every time she kisses a woman on screen. Hopefully it won’t inspire her to stop taking those roles!

Out comedian Cameron Esposito‘s comedy album, Grab Them Aghast is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

A new film called Leading Ladies about a ballroom dancer who falls for another woman, and the stress it causes in her family. It’s premiering at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on May 1, so hopefully it will be coming to your city soon after. Here’s the trailer:

Want to learn some women’s history via hip-hop? Check out Feminist Rapper: A Lady Made That.

Did you catch our awesome interview with Sia? If you’re a big fan, like we are, check it out and also read her Q&A with The New Gay. There’s never enough of Sia.

I think that’s enough to mull over for one day. You’re all my favorites! (Don’t tell the others.)

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