Morning Brew: Tuesday, March 16


Morning, sunshines!

Mediaweek has a new feature called GayTV and last week their intrepid reporter, Alan Frutkin, interviewed FlashForward‘s Christine Woods. Here’s what she had to say about her character, Janis Hawk:

She is a fabulous, powerful, strong, gay woman working in the government, and she has — I think — a pretty integral part in figuring out all this stuff about the FlashForward.

It’s my first gay character and I love her. I feel lucky and pleased to play a character that, in some way, a specific group of the audience feels like they can relate to. I feel responsible to be representative for them, and be a positive, good character for them.

You can check out the full interview at MediaWeek‘s website. reader Robin gave us a heads up about a new TV show in South Africa called "The Mating Game," which airs on SABC 2 and features a lesbian character played by well-known South African soap star Elma Postma. Here’s what Robin told us about the show:

Her character is in a 5 year relationship with a woman and they are looking for male donors to start a family. The storyline is by no way groundbreaking, compared to your TV series in the US, but here in SA I don’t think we have ever had this. It is very exciting.

I watched the first episode last week and thought that it was truly, funky and brave, knowing how conservative some viewers are in this country!

Sarah Warn wrote about lesbian characters on South African TV last year, and it’s really exciting to see see a second prominent character added to their broadcast lineup!

JesRocksU2 let us know about a hilarious parody trailer from the group BriTANicK LIVE that was featured at SXSW. It’s the "11th Best Picture Nomination" from the Academy Awards and you might recognize the lead female as Jessy Hodges, who plays Sophie on Anyone But Me. (Hang in for some girly smoochin’ at the end.)

And speaking of Anyone But Me, if you’re in the NY area, Rachel Hip Flores (Vivian) is starring in Saltbox Theater’s production of Trying on April 23 and 24. The play won BBC’s International Radio Play Award last year. Saltbox describes it like this:

A girl-girl love story set in a small California Resort Town filled with minimum wage jobs, crime, a broken education system and little hope of finding a way out.

It’s like the Tracy Chapman song "Fast Car" with more unambiguous lesbian action. (Thanks, Miss Modular, for the tip!)

And finally, Trish Bendix will be back with you tomorrow, but she sent another interview from SXSW to hold you over until then.

Elisa Kreisinger is the mastermind behind the Queering Carrie Project, in which she remixed all six seasons of Sex and the City to make Carrie Bradshaw a queer-friendly character.


Here’s Kreisinger’s Queering Carrie remix of the new SATC movie trailer:


Tonight on LezTV, we’ve got Ellen on Idol, 90210‘s budding lesbian romance, bisexual Ella on Melrose and Jillian Michaels on Biggest Loser: Couples.

Trish will be back tomorrow; don’t tell her about that explosion, OK?

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