Jane Lynch and Ryan Murphy offer “Glee” spoilers at PaleyFest


Warning: Glee Spoiler alert!

While Saturday’s Glee panel at the 27th annual PaleyFest was jam-packed with spoilers ranging from what’s in store for Rachel (Lea Michele) and Puck (Mark Salling), there was no better news for lesbian fans than two from out series co-creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy.

During a panel, which featured 12 cast members and four members of the show’s creative team, he was asked if Cheerios Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) would make out.

“Yes! Absolutely!” Murphy said.

The 1,800 who packed into the sold-out Saban Theatre for the panel were treated to a screening of Episode 14 — “Hello” — set to air April 13, when the show resumes with its breakout first season.

Glee stars Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch at Paleyfest

The episode, which picks up with Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester reinstated as coach of the Cheerios after blackmailing Principal Figgins, sends our favorite cheerleaders to sabotage newly minted power couple Rachel and Finn (Cory Monteith). The pair, who ask Finn out on a date — “table for three” — features a golden nugget for lesbian fans from Santana: “You buy us dinner, we make out in front of you” in addition to Brittany one-liners so classic you’ll just have to tune in April 13.

During the panel, meanwhile, Lynch revealed more of the circumstances that lead her into Madonna’s cone bra: “I wear everything that she wears,” Lynch said of her “Vogue” number, which will be included in the 10-song all-Madonna 15th episode. “Amber (Riley, Mercedes) and Chris (Colfer, Kurt) are in it as well — the conceit is that they are giving me a makeover — at least for this video.”

Lynch added that she started rehearsing for the “Vogue” video — filming of which she knocked off in a day — in December. “We filmed it with the video (for “Vogue”) playing in front of us as we shot it and paused with every movement.”

Watch Lesley Goldberg’s Paleyfest video interview with Jane Lynch here:

Responding to a question about which, if any, dialogue has to be cut, co-creator/exec producer Brad Falchuk said most are at Sue’s expense.

“A lot of them are Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) saying things like, ‘Shut your mouth before I rape it,’” he said, adding that the writers sometimes put dialogue in as a joke and it makes it through the broadcast and standards department.

“We still don’t know if we’ll air, ‘I will kick you square in the vagina!’ ” Lynch interjected. “… or ‘Square in the taco!’ ”

Other spoilers revealed during the hourlong panel included Murphy spilling that one of the upcoming episodes will be built around the “power of theatricality” and feature a Lady Gaga song. “”She’s arguably the most important pop star right now,” Murphy said.

Kristin Chenoweth also makes her return to Glee in the show’s third episode back. “If you have a Tony, you can be on the show,” Murphy joked of the role he wrote specifically for the Wicked star, adding that he approached her about guest starring and that her only request was saying that she didn’t want to be sweet on the show.

Addressing the cast’s sold-out tour, Murphy said the performances will feature all the kids with “special appearances from Matthew (Morrison, Will) and Jane in some capacity.”

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the evening came when a fan asked Colfer if he’d take 18-year-old Mississippi senior Constance McMillen — the lesbian whose school opted to cancel the prom rather than let her take her girlfriend — to the prom. The out actor, who noted that he’d been to four proms already — politely declined.

So there you have it. Lynch on tour, kissing Cheerios and more great one-liners from the lovely ladies of “Glee.” How many days until April 13?

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