Morning Brew: Thursday, March 11



I can officially not wait for the return of United States of Tara. (Warning: Spoiler ahead!)

Michael Ausiello has confirmed that Tara’s alter Buck will definitely bed the bartender played by Joey Lauren Adams. Ausiello writes that “Tara opts to keep the news of her transition/Sapphic encounter from her family.” But you know that won’t stay secret for long. Wow. This will definitely create some tension! Can. Not. Wait for March 22.

In celebration of Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s thirteenth birthday, ATV has written, “Buffy: Where Are They Now?” You probably already know (at least when it comes to Alyson Hannigan), but it’s still a fun read.

Lady Gaga was asked if she thinks she could ever really find love with a woman. Her response? “Of course,” she told Now magazine. “There are no rules or limits when it comes to love.” Yep, that’s right — she’s still bisexual. Nothing new there!

In an interview with The Lady magazine, Kelly McGillis says she’s not into PDAs. “I’m very aware of how I behave in public with my partner,” she said. “I don’t hold hands. Public awareness and acceptance is growing, changing, but there’s still a long way to go.” Really? In New Jersey? Home of Snooki and The Situation? Hard to believe. (Thanks Juliet!) reader dietrich_ka sent us the translation to the new Las Aparicio trailer, which has a blink-and-you-could-miss-it glimpse of the new show’s lesbian couple. The text says: “Why now that sex became something so easy, love became so complicated? A whole woman doesn’t need to be completed.”

I’m liking the looks of this series so far.

I need to know about Ellen Page‘s eating habits. Oh look — here she is discussing them.

If you are in Austin this weekend, I will be in town for SXSW Interactive & Film for the panel “Engaging the Queer Community” with Bil Browning of the Bilerico Project, Sinclair Sexsmith of the Sugarbutch Chronicles and Fausto Fernos of Feast of Fun. I’d love for you to come on out if you have a pass or come to the Queer Tweet-Up at Oil Can Harry’s on Sunday night. Or, I’m always up for being accosted on the street. I’ll be the one tracking down all the lesbians in attendance with my FlipCam. You can find out details on these events and everything else gay going on at

And because I’ll be in Austin, I will be unable to do the Brew. Fear not! Heather Hogan (aka StuntDouble) will be filling in for me, and I’m sure she’ll do an absolutely amazing job, per usual. Shower her with love!

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