Styled Out: A tribute to Alexander McQueen


In a final tribute and goodbye, the fashion industry, friends and fans from all over the world came came together this past Monday for the last runway show of late designer Alexander McQueen. If you are unaware, McQueen was found dead in his London home last month. He took his own life.

For the less concerned about labels, the man was the totally brilliant mind behind many of Lady Gaga‘s provocative and boundary-bending stage wear. He was also an out gay man and outfitted celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Camilla Belle.

His last hoorah was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing some of his most remarkable pieces yet, a myriad of textures and colors that left guests gaping. I checked it out for myself, and I can attest that they were not just pity points. Renaissance flair and fluff appear to be the inspiration which I found awfully refreshing. I’m loving getting back to my ’90s roots right along with the rest of you but it was nice to have a new idea thrown my way.

I know, I know — the images are a bit over the top and are certainly not your every day garb, but let’s look at this objectively: What’s the take away? I mean, we know Gaga’s going to eat all of this up with a spoon but how can you take the spirit of McQueen with you in a grounded way?

His outfits can be a bit wild but the color and the print is rad. Try some silk scarves or an accessory with a bold pattern like those McQueen is clearly obsessed with in his last line. But reel it in and keep it as an accent tool rather than a centerpiece.

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen. His inspiring creations will leave a lasting impression on us all.

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