Morning Brew: Tuesday, March 9


Good morning!

Remember when Ellen Page was going to play a lesbian werewolf alongside her Juno co-star Olivia Thirlby? The film (Jack & Diane) was delayed because of lack of financial support, and so Page dropped out and Alison Pill was in. Now it appears that production will finally begin in May, but starring Juno Temple in Pill’s place. At this point, I’m just glad to see it’s being made. I wonder if the success of Twilight had anything to do with the money coming through. Let’s keep with that theme of the shirtless werewolf in Jack & Diane.

Speaking of horror films, an LGBT Horror Film Fest is in the works and seeking submissions. (Hat tip, Stacie Ponder!)

There might not be any lesbian characters on Caprica (yet), but one of our readers, G, told us that she saw a fun Tweet from the show’s fictional robot:

Looks like a visit to Caprica is in order — or least some hope that there will be a lesbian couple in the future.

Dana Delany would like Desperate Housewives fans to know that they shouldn’t count on Katherine and Robin’s imminent end anytime soon, just because she is in talks to join a new pilot. ““[Series creator] Marc Cherry [promised] he would not kill me off and told me I was always welcome to come back to the Lane,” she says. “I would love for Katherine to pop into town and say hi to the gang every once in awhile.”

OK, so that’s worst case scenario. At the very least, we can rest assured that Dana is all about Katherine being gay, and having a happy ending with Robin. “It may make her happier than she has ever been,” Dana said. “She does not have the best track record with men to begin with. … I love the idea that those two may ride off into the sunset together.”

Despite Amanda Seyfried‘s interest in choosing roles that have her kissing women, you shouldn’t hold out hope that she enjoys it in real life. She told Vh1, “It’ll never be easier. … It’s easier with men for sure. But the first kiss with anyone’s awkward. The scene between Julianne and myself was very, very intimate and very erotic, so it was definitely a little bit harder [than in Jennifer’s Body], I think, but necessary.”

She must be doing it wrong. I never found it difficult to kiss a woman, especially if they looked anything like Julianne Moore. Amanda lives such a rough life!

Good news, Lady Gaga fans: You can now play “Bad Romance” on “Rock Band.” Also, “Poker Face,” “Just Dance” and “Monster.”

The vlog "Cherry Bomb" just started it’s new season over at, and you can still watch all of their previous episodes here. recently listed their “10 Most Important Moments in Gay Comic History,” which inspired Comic Book Resources to come up with “Six Gay Comics that are Better Than Anything on Ranker’s List.”

Thanks to Cindy for sending in these photos of Big Brother Italy‘s Sarah and Veronica in Chi magazine. Their story continues outside of the house, and Cindy tells me that Italian fans are calling them “il Sogno,” which means “The Dream.”

Yes, quite dreamy indeed.

Until tomorrow!

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