Jodie Foster says she’s not suited for indies


Jodie Foster thinks she’s too boring for the movies she makes.

Seriously, she actually said that — in an interview before Friday night’s Independent Spirit Awards. Here’s the clip:

For those of you who can’t watch the video, what she said, in short, was this:

I don’t think I’m well suited for [independent films]. I like doing films that are about solitary characters. I like a singular journey, as an actress — I like a linear portrait, and those things aren’t hugely “indie movies.”

That seemed a little odd to me at first, because I think of Jodie as someone who chooses roles that are not mainstream. But in truth, of her best-known movies, only Nell features a character that takes a somewhat circular path. And even then, the story itself is linear.

Foster, along with Jeremy Renner, presented the award for best actress to Gabourey Sidibe — part of a Precious sweep of the Independent Spirit Awards that also included best picture, best director for Lee Daniels and best supporting actress for Mo’Nique.

Next up for Foster is a role in The Beaver (go ahead and giggle) with Mel Gibson. She also directed the film, which is about a guy who walks around with a beaver puppet on his hand. Don’t look now, Jodie, but I think you’ve left the mainstream.

Do you think Jodie Foster is best in Hollywood-style movies? Discuss.

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