Morning Brew: Monday, March 8


Happy International Women’s Day!

90210 is back this week and so we’re getting some scoop on the lesbian storyline. Executive producer Rebecca Sinclair told EW that the CW was “wary” of having Gia and Adrianna hook up. “There are still conservative factors in what they think they can do and should do,” she said, “but everyone was pleased with how it went.” Stop scaring me, Rebecca! If the conservatives are pleased, then I have my hopes dashed already.

Callie and Arizona have made the cut for the top 16 in E!’s Supercouple contest. Vote now to keep them in the contest. They’re up again Glee‘s Finn and Rachel.

For those of you that stuck by A Shot at Love post-Tila Tequila, you will remember the bisexual Ikki Twins. They were recently involved in a serious car accident, which left Rikki in ICU. You can keep up with her progress from her sister Vikki on their MySpace page.

Model Abbey Lee is being hailed as one of 2010’s It Girls, with her Aussie accent and tons of tattoos. And if you keep up with the Sapphic model set, you might have seen her paling around with Freja Behar.

The two posed together for Purple magazine in a lesbionic spread, about which Abbey said she “didn’t have to act that much” for. Though she wouldn’t comment on Freja, she did discuss her sexuality:

Well, I’ve always swung both ways, so it’s a bit different for me. I don’t call myself bisexual: I’m just experimental. I was always looking for somebody to sweep me off my feet, but then I got bored after two months and was on to the next.

Canada’s new police drama The Bridge debuted over the weekend and featured “a man making out with a lesbian.” Another review notes that there’s a “hot lesbian cop” on the show, but I couldn’t confirm. Canadian viewers, keep us posted!

However, there is for sure a lesbian character in George Romero‘s Survival of the Dead, which is coming out on DVD this week. Athena Karkanis plays the gay lady named Tomboy. Ah, horror films.

Our brother site has a sad story for us: Spartacus is killing off its gay characters.

In case you’re wondering, Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t type her own Tweets. She told TV Guide that Portia had to convince her to get an iPhone so they could text. Said Ellen:

I was like, “Why can’t we just call each other?” She’s like, “Because if I’m working and you’re working, you can just text and go, ‘Hey!’” So now I get it, but I’ve been really resistant to all this. I think all this stuff is keeping people from human interaction and we’re losing all our social skills, because everyone’s in a hurry and abbreviated and not focused.

She also said that she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that she’s openly gay and “finally getting more success.”

…Because I’m not hiding anything. I’m completely, fully present. And I can relax. It’s so funny, I spent all these years trying to hide [being gay], because I thought it would keep people away from me. And actually, as soon as you embrace who you are and keep diving deeper, that’s when more people show up. Because I think everybody wants to do the same thing—everybody’s goal in life is to be comfortable in your own skin and trust that.

Ellen for president. (Thanks Gwendolyn!)

Malinda Lo‘s novel, Ash, a retelling of Cinderella with a lesbian twist, was just published last week in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. She’s celebrating its international release by giving away three signed copies on her website. The contest is open to everyone, US and abroad, and she’s reserving at least one copy for an international reader. The deadline is March 18, 2010, and all you have to do to enter is go to her contest blog post and comment:

Out singer Anika Moa told Stuff about coming out and meeting her partner Azaria Universe at a burlesque show. But the biggest news to come out of this article: Ladyhawke is officially queer.

The singer is apparently dating Moa’s ex-girlfriend. Said Moa:

They came to our wedding. They are great. They are totally in love and I’m really happy for them. It really has worked out for the best. Ladyhawke is awesome, she’s moved back to Auckland and is writing her album where I recorded mine.

I’m not going to lie — I’m jazzed Ladyhawke is gay. I’m so into her music, so talk about the icing on the rainbow sprinkle cake.

In other great news, Fringe has been renewed for a third season (yay for Jasika Nicole) and Precious won six Indie Spirit Awards.

See you tomorrow!

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