Morning Brew: Thursday, March 4


Hi all!

As you read this, I’m on my way to Seattle for a panel at Western Washington University (tonight at 7 p.m.) Since I’m on the road talking about Katy Perry and songs about kissing girls, there won’t be a brew tomorrow, but everything else is on schedule!

Lindsay Lohan‘s latest photoshoot for Purple magazine definitely show she’s not afraid to flaunt what she’s got. (Not that I ever thought she was afraid to do that.) Warning: Some are not so safe for work.

The biggest lesbian news of the week, of course, has nothing to do with a real lesbian. Well, except for the fact that Kim Zolciak is definitely not one, but "adores" her friend/rumored lover DJ Tracy Young. "Tracy’s a great friend of mine," Kim told reporters. "I take pictures with a lot of girls." Why doesn’t anyone ask Tracy about any of this? Are lesbians all seen as liars now, too? I need to know these untrue stereotypes. It’s my job.

A few entries at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival are totally queer, including My Normal, a lesbian S&M comedy. Said the program director, "[The film is] a good example of being a film that doesn’t present as being entirely a queer film, but the main character is a lesbian. It ends up being a sort of minor thing in the film. It’s really about her as a dominatrix trying to get her script that she’s writing with her drug dealer made into a movie." Well no one can say it’s unoriginal.

On the second season of Vh1 Sober House, former porn star Penny Flame goes on to talk about her sex addiction and is reportedly bisexual. I’m not sure if this is strictly on-set ala gay for pay or what, but I’m not really into watching Sober House to find out.

Megan Fox told Harper’s Bazaar she’s only been with two men but did not clarify a number of women. Moving on.

Alison Goldfrapp recently told Britain’s Style magazine that she’s "not a lesbian."

I think of everything as being about a person and a relationship, and I am in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful person. It just happens to be with a lady. I’ve had some wonderful relationships with men, too. I mean, I’ve had some s–t ones — haven’t we all?

I wouldn’t say "all," but probably a fair amount of us here at have. She continued:

It’s a relationship with a person and that’s how I see my sexuality. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time and it concurs with my philosophy on life and sexuality. I don’t think it can or should be pigeonholed. I’ve always found it claustrophobic to think about having to put things into categories like that. My sexuality is the same as my music and my life. Why does it need a label?

It doesn’t, but you know, Alison, that lesbian scandals move more copies.

Someone else who doesn’t want to be called a lesbian: Erin McKeown. The New Gay‘s interview with the singer/songwriter has her talking about being in Ani DiFranco‘s shadow, differentiating between "lesbian" and "queer" and finding more diversity in her fans.

The third season of Logo’sThe Big Gay Sketch Show premieres on Tuesday, April 10 at 10 EST. This season promises cameos from celebs like Rosie O’Donnell, Sharon Osbourne, Julianna Margulies and Rachel Dratch.

Last night, The Lesbian Lifestyle handed out their annual Lezzy Awards, celebrating the best in lesbian blogging, and was lucky enough to receive a coveted Lifetime Achievement Award!

We were in great company, as other winners included Dorothy Surrenders (by our own Dorothy Snarker), a four-time winner, for Entertainment/Culture Blog, Grace The Spot (by our own Grace Chu), a repeat winner again this year for Humor Blog, Up Popped A Fox for Parenting Blog, My Big Fat Gay Wedding for Engagement/Wedding Blog, for Feminist/Political Blog, Peaches & Coconuts for Personal Blog, Making Space for Out Later in Life Blog, Sugarbutch Chronicles for Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog, Autostraddle for NEW Lesbian Blog, and The Lesbian Lounge for Podcast. Thanks to TLL for the love and to everyone who voted, and congrats to all the winners and runners-up!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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