The Weekly Geek: Fox picks up “The Fourth Realm”


There was plenty of other geeky movie news (of the Hollywood sort) this week, just in case your inner Cameron wasn’t already piqued. GeekTyrant announced that Fox has just secured the rights to the lauded The Fourth Realm book series.

From the post:

The books were best-sellers and critically well-received, and it’s been compared to the work of Dan Brown, The Matrix and Star Wars. The series explores the ideas of free will and public surveillance, secret societies and good versus evil. This definitely has all the makings of a great story, and should make for a very successful movie. Who doesn’t like stories about this kind of thing!?

It’s a female-protagonist-led trilogy that’s received tons of praise — and Watchmen scribe Alex Tse will be adapting it for the screen.

If that’s not enough, take a look at Io9’s stat-heavy analysis of sci-fi films (using Rotten Tomatoes as the score aggregator). The findings? Well, “Reboots are better than remakes, apparently. Zombie movies are better than superhero movies — but they’re both better than post-apocalyptic movies.” This will end (and very likely create) plenty of nerd-movie arguments. It’s all from the last decade, so if you’re looking for a definitive answer on “Star Wars vs. Alien vs. Star Trek,” you’re still on your own.

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