Morning Brew: Tuesday, Feb. 23


Boy oh boy — what a brew!

When Brazil’s Big Brother tenth season started up a few weeks ago, we told you about out contestant Angelica. There’s been quite a stir about her housemate Dourado, who has a severe dislike for her, and if he is, in fact, homophobic.

So many Brazilian fans have alerted us to his comments about her, including his saying he wants to beat her up and break her finger. Several other Tweeters, however, wanted us to know Dourado is friends with the other gays in the house, and dislikes Angelica for betraying him. (It is Big Brother, after all!) While violence against women — or anyone! — is never OK, we can’t say for sure (especially without speaking Portuguese and being able to watch the show like those in Brazil can) if Dourado is anti-lesbian or not. All we can say is that we’d like our lesbian contestant to stay in the house. Here’s where you can vote on who should leave the house.

Lindsay Lohan told The Sun that she is still in love with Samantha Ronson, and that her feelings for Sam had initially surprised her.

I never really thought about women before, it kind of just happened with Samantha. It surprised me. We’re still in touch. We live in the same apartment building in LA and see each other often. She has always been one of my best friends.

There will be more on this interview later today. It deserves an entire blog post, believe me.

If you’ve been watching our new web series, The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else, you’ll be glad to know it’s getting glowing reviews from the likes of Tubefilter. Also, it’s been translated into Spanish subtitles, which should be available soon.

Lady Gaga is building a very strong business for herself based on, uh, herself, according to Ad Age. She is now working on condoms with Jeremy Scott — could Gaga Dental Dams be on the horizon?

Looking to brush up on your k.d. lang history? The A.V. Club‘s Nathan Rabin is featuring the out vocalist as part of his “Nashville or Bust” series. The intro alone is worth a read:

For years, k.d. lang nursed a shameful secret: She wasn’t entirely like her country peers. She could pass as a regular hot-blooded American cowgirl, but deep down, she knew she was living a lie. Finally, she was forced to go public with something her friends and family had known about for a long time: She was Canadian.

Samantha Fox is working on a memoir, which has a working title of For Fox’s Sake. She told The Brisbane Times she hopes it will be released next year.

Later today, we’ll have Dara’s first Tool Academy: Season 3 recap, so you can find out all about the lesbian tool Courtney and her fed-up girlfriend Cheron. In an interview with The OC Times, Courtney said, “I punched a tree and I had to be talked down and they explained to me that Cheron wouldn’t have signed me up on the show if she didn’t care about me or love me. So there was more than thinking I could still win the money. (I thought) OK, I was brought on here for a reason, and if I still love this person, and I do, I should give it a try.”

Here’s hoping this means she actually becomes less of a tool — for Cheron’s sake, if nothing else. Although, Dara will have more fun if Courtney remains a huge tool. We’ll see!

Have a great Tuesday!

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