Morning Brew: Monday, Feb. 22


Morning all!

Tomorrow is a big day for Holly Miranda. Her debut album, The Magician’s Private Library releases on XL Recordings, and yesterday’s New York Times included a profile of her, writing about how long it took for her to get to this point. (She’s been working at a contract she she was 17-years-old.) Holly openly talks about being gay with The Times, saying:

I don’t want people to listen to it because I’m gay or not listen because I’m gay. At the same time, to hide it feels like a horrible thing, maybe for some young girl or boy who was in the position I was in 13 or 14 years ago, in a religious home and not knowing if it’s O.K.

Let me be the first to say, Holly, that your being gay is only a really awesome bonus to the amazingness that is your music. (I’m a fan.)

New Zealand TV host Ali Mau is upset that Woman’s Day magazine, which detailed her alleged sleepover with “hip-hop dance teacher and aerobics champion Karleen Edmonds.” Although she didn’t deny a relationship between her and Karleen, she did say she didn’t appreciate the magazine following her around for a month, and lying about the dates in which things happened: two days in a row vs. two separate occasions in a month’s time. That’s right, Ali — lesbians don’t all sleep over on the first date. However, you could have just been getting some dance lessons. I’m not judging.

Someone who isn’t afraid to dish on her relationship issues, Jeanette Winterson recently told The Guardian she was suicidal after her break-up with theatre director Deborah Warner. She then says she had affairs with a few men and fielded rumors about relationships with other well-known lesbians in the UK. “The tabloids have long had me down as this lesbian marriage-wrecker vampire from hell,” the author told The Guardian. You’ll have to read the whole thing, if you’re a fan or want some gossip.

The Kids Are All Right won the Berlinale’s Teddy Award over the weekend, which is an independent award given to the best gay-themed feature film in the Berlin film festival. The jury announced Lisa Cholodenko‘s film won for “being a well-crafted and humorous take on the issues facing contemporary lesbian parents and the complexity of sexuality, relationships and family bonding.” We’re still hoping it ends on a better note than one of the lesbians hooks up with the sperm donor.

But no matter what happens in that film, it’s got to be better than Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. The movie comes out on Blu-Ray tomorrow, and includes a “buff lesbian” animal rights protester played by Allyson Sereboff. The rest of it sounds incredibly, uh, sick.

Batwoman has some competition! A review of comic book Angelus #1 clued us in that the superhero is an open lesbian and has a girlfriend named Finch. (Witchblade fans might already be familiar with Angelus, but now that she has her own title, it’s getting even better.)

Thanks to AE reader d_wlesbeau, we have the scoop on the upcoming Coronation Street lesbian romance between Sian and Sophie. A producer told Digital Spy:

Well, the story of Sophie’s sexuality is a big and ongoing story which starts properly in April but will develop over the rest of the year. This is not something we deal with lightly and I just want to add that she remains a Christian throughout, too.

It is a love story that has all the complexities of any teenage relationship, which would be complicated enough at the best of times. It will add another dimension to everything else that’s going on in the Webster household. It’s one layer in that family of stories but it’s a big secret for quite a while. All the confusion of how Sophie feels and how Sian feels — we’ve played that all out truthfully, I hope.

I’m glad they had to point out that she remains a Christian, as if you have to make a choice when you come out. “Gay or Christian? What will I do?” Sorry, I’m just still a little doubtful about this storyline that has taken over a year to come to fruition.

I’m feeling a little better, though, as there are so many great lesbian web series sprouting up. Speaking of, here’s the teaser trailer for Girl/Girl Scene.

If you’re a Trauma fan, you’ll probably appreciate this interview with Anastasia Griffith, who talks about playing Nancy, the show’s tumultuous experience with NBC thus far and a bizarre lesbian kissing experience on the set of the 2004 film Alfie. “All I had to really do was kiss a girl seductively in front of Jude [Law] in a couple of scenes but it became a little humiliating when the lesbian producer berated us for not doing it properly!” Sorry, Anastasia — that’s what we’re here for. You don’t let us do the kissing, we get to do the bossing.

UK reader Cntalope told us about the season finale of the show Material Girl in which Davina Bailey (Dervla Kirwan) “attempts to seduce fashion buyer/lipstick lesbian, Sylvie Montrose so that she’d buy her line.” She didn’t tell us the outcome, but I have a feeling it didn’t go so well, as she did note it was “comical, to say the least.”

If you are in Germany, make sure to tune into Marienhof today. New lesbian couple Kerstin and Juliette are supposed to have sex for the first time. (Hat tip, Jules2.)

But if you’re not in Germany, you can still enjoy Tegan and Sara‘s music video for the single “Alligator.” No lesbian sex, but there is choreography and jumpsuits.

Chew on that! See you tomorrow.

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