Vote Now for the Top 50 Lesbian/Bi TV, Film, and Web Series Characters!


Despite the bleak reality of the disappearing lesbians on primetime television last year, 2010 is already looking a little better, with a new crop of lesbian/bi characters turning up in starring and recurring roles. The same is true of lesbians on film, with some high-profile movies featuring lesbian characters already making the rounds at mainstream and LGBT film festivals this year.

That’s why we think it’s the perfect time to consider those lesbian/bi characters that have made a lasting impression on us all. Whether they were struggling to come to terms with their own sexuality, juggling too many women, or trying to figure out how to use their powers for good instead of evil, there have been many lesbian/bi characters in film, television, and even in web series, who have made us laugh, cry, scream, and, sometimes, scratch our heads wondering “What the hell just happened?”

When it comes to all of these scenarios, we’re not naming names — but we hope you will.

In our first annual survey of the Top 50 Lesbian/Bi TV, Film, and Web Series Characters, we’re asking you to name your favorite fictional characters of all time. So while you probably have your current favorites, please dig deep into your own personal pop culture vault and try to include even those who aren’t currently on the air or big screen, and maybe even those who just seem to be in eternal syndication.

The characters you choose can be from any genre of scripted film, television or web series, and from US or international shows and films. Votes for reality stars or other “real” people won’t be considered. We’re strictly looking for your votes on the best fictional characters.

It’s up to you to decide exactly what criteria you use to determine the “best.” All we ask is that you limit your choices to female characters (we leave the men for the folks over at our brother site, who are conducting their own poll here).

We suggest you ask yourself what characters have moved you in a significant way? What characters do you think changed the way viewers view lesbians and bi women &mdsah; or impacted subsequent TV portrayals of lesbians and bisexual women? Or maybe it’s simply a question of what characters struck you as the most “real” and the most expertly written and performed?

You can enter up to 10 names in the form below but keep in mind a couple of rules. First, no ballot stuffing. Ballots with the same character name listed more than once will be discarded. Also, only one vote per ISP address will be permitted. Only the last form submission from an ISP address will be counted. Thiis poll is open to all of our readers. Feel free to encourage your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to weigh in too!


Voting has closed. Check back on the 15th for results.

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