Cheri Oteri goes from cheerleader to coach with Kate McKinnon and co.


AMC’s success with Mad Men and Breaking Bad has turned into good news for SNL alum and Spartan cheerleader wannabe Cheri Oteri.

The network has decided to parlay its success into a broader offering of shows, including a new “mini-com” starring Oteri as a sort of personal cheerleader. Life Coach features Oteri’s character Liza as a — you guessed it — life coach who helps her clients solve their problems. Sort of.

Oteri told Yahoo! TV that she actually took a life coach training course in preparation for her role.

It was interesting. It was four days — from 7 in the morning to 11 — on the computer. You had a workbook, and it was like a live classroom, and there was an exam at the end. … I had some preconceived notions of what [the other students] were going to be like, and I think it’s because I live in LA. But these people were from all over the United States, and most of them were leaving successful jobs because they just wanted to do something different. They had wonderful, wonderful intentions.

In the case of Liza, good intentions don’t outweigh the fact that she isn’t too good at helping her clients. She does, however, have great guest stars. Here’s an episode of Life Coach featuring lesbian comedian Kate McKinnon.

And here’s a clip from lesbian comedian Candy Lawrence in a hilarious skit about a girl named Secret who keeps secrets from “her man.”

Upcoming guests include Nancy Grace, Lewis Black and Kathleen Madigan, among others. The 10-minute episodes will be sprinkled throughout AMC’s Monday night movies and also can be viewed online at

I’d love to see Life Coach be successful enough to get Oteri a real series — she certainly deserves a shot after so many seasons of making us laugh on SNL.

Does Life Coach look like it could become a full-length sitcom?

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