Styled Out: Lindsay Lohan, Fashion Week Victim


I know that last week I was busy giving you the scoop on where to find the best what in NYC as the Fall 2010 Fashion Week sweeps the city, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. In Lindsay Lohan‘s case, however, there’s nothing really going on. Word through the grapevine is that she’s been banned from many-a-party and runway show this week, some even being so harsh as to call her a “brand damager.”

The ones calling names and pointing fingers are more specifically, designer Jill Stuart‘s team of designers, though Stuart herself is denying any blatant banning of a certain celesbian at her show. I mean, to be told that you can’t go at all instead of just being the thrown in the back row (a seat I myself would covet, just in case anyone that handles that sort of thing is reading this). Wow. Girl used to model for JS, and everything. Ouch.

Lindsay Tweeted last night, though, RTing a link saying she wasn’t banned.

It’s no secret that Li-Lo’s ex, Samantha Ronson and Sam’s twin Charlotte have a pretty strong hand in all the biz and buzz surrounding all things Fashion Week, so this sudden shun is raising more than a few eyebrows — mine included. In case you’re wondering, she is indefinitely banned from Char’s afterparty as to not stir the currently settled dust between her and her ex-sweetie pie. It’s not without reason, I regret to report. Allegedly, Lindsay threw a drink in Sam’s face, and if that wasn’t enough, she tried to get her arrested afterward. Way to add insult to injury. Sigh. You know I usually have her back, but I can’t say I can blame the twins for telling her to just talk to the hand and whatever.

While we’re on the subject, I have to show a few things that I kind of love from Charlotte’s fall line. I know I’m supposed to be mad at her and everything, but just look:

All the back lash has prompted our little princess to cancel her NYC trip all together. I probably would too, who knows where she’s welcome this week. It’s kind of a shame that her reputation has crumbled so rapidly over the past year. Dare I remind you of Fashion Week’s of old, where stability of love birds enveloped our golden girl?

And on a personal note, my fiancé Rachel and I had started the beginning stages of planning our wedding when we caught wind of this Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest. Obviously, entering the running started with a desire to fund our nuptials much more lucratively than we would be able to drum up in a year and half’s time but as I started to browse a lot of the other couple’s entries, I realized we were one of only a couple of gay couples.

If we get in the top 50 couples with the most votes, we have the chance to win. A panel of judges will decide if we, as a lesbian couple, are worthy of $100,000 towards our dream wedding. Along with this is a contract to be at the hands of Crate & Barrel and any television show or internet advertisement that they may want us in. Beyond the money, the awesomeness of being able to be an advocate and a face to represent the LGBT community in a time of such political heat surrounding the subject? Sign us up! I voice my opinion on the subject at any opportunity and given the platform of a national contest. I daydream about the possibilities.

Every vote gets us a little closer to gaining ground, so please vote and if you’re so inclined, let your friends and family know so that they can vote too! We pledge to represent you well and speak out in support of every union if by some stroke of luck we actually take this thing. We all deserve the same rights and recognition. Let’s show them the power of community.

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