Morning Brew: Wednesday, Feb. 17



Let’s kick things off with a look at Sarah Paulson in this week’s flashback episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

You can also watch clips of Callie back in the day and Dr. Bailey with some major braid action.

Kaki King‘s new album Junior has a release date of April 13 on her new label, Rounder Records. She kicks off a tour with An Horse on April 15. If only their tour joined up with the Tegan and Sara/Holly Miranda tour, then every ex-girlfriend in the world could reconvene and hold hands in a great big singalong.

Gossip were on the Aussie radio show Ryan, Monty and Wippa and Beth Ditto announced she has ended her nine year relationship with Freddie Fagula. However, she had a hickey on her neck, so it appears she is doing alright.

Does the ex-gay movement know that all you have to do to turn a lesbian straight is introduce her to Matthew McConaughey? According to the actor’s girlfriend, gay women would love to be with her boyfriend. OK maybe Matthew McConaughey circa A Time To Kill, pre-Kate Hudson comedy fails.

The DVD of Flashforward‘s Season 1: Part 1 includes scenes from the second part of the season, which returns March 18. Will Janis Hawk get gayer? Let’s hope so.

The talented Liz Feldman and Rachael Cantu are teaming up to perform at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles on March 12 as part of the LGBT Alliance’s Out With a Bang. AE reader Erin Bates says that the gay community is psyched to have such awesome gay women be part of their program, as their Catholic school doesn’t provide them much support. Better make sure LMU is prepared for the ultimate gay action that is Liz Feldman and her blazer, then. Lucky Loyola!

Talk to you tomorrow.

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