Morning Brew: Tuesday, Feb. 16


You guys, so much happens when we take the day off. It’s like lesbians want me to be super busy when I’m back in business. It’s OK by me — all the better for the brew!

A few readers must be fans of Leona Lewis, because her video for “I Got You” just premiered and they were quick to send in the tip that there’s a lesbian couple kissing on a hammock. It’s short and sweet, but refreshing among shots of Leona in front of a fiery heart and many feuding straight couples. (Thanks Iximioca and Laura.)

A documentary following the lives of three middle-aged German prostitutes called Silver Girls made its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival this weekend, and AE reader Doreen let us know that one of the women is “a former lesbian, now bisexual.”

New Zealand’s soap Shortland Street is developing a relationship between out lesbian character Maia and the new nurse Nicole. Last week, they were spotted kissing by a co-worker. Why might this not be so good? Maia is Nicole’s boss at the hospital. I’m beginning to think hospitals are the best places for gay women to work.

Jenny Shimizu is back to doing what she does best — looking good! She modeled in the John Barlett fashion show this week. “I closed the show with Jenny Shimizu, who’s really a muse for me. I love her style,” the designer told Fashion Week Daily. “I love what she’s about. She depicts the kind of woman that I am dressing. It’s no frills, no high heels, no beading, no ruffles. That is my motto.” Lesbians, check out John Bartlett, stat. (Hat tip, Addy!)

Xisca sent us a link to the a new promo for 90210, and we get our first glimpse of Adrianna and Gia getting closer.

The CW loves to use acronyms, don’t they? WTF OMG LESBIANS NAMED GIA? P.S. Rumer, I like your hat.

Thanks to emptyinbetween, we’ve got the scoop on two Finnish TV stars who took the opportunity to make out on camera during an awards show &mdas; twice. Talk show host Maria Veitola and TV presenter Kristiina Komulainen later said they kissed because “the show was boring.” Kristinna followed that up with, “I was not aware of me being bi, but I guess I couldn’t resist a dare. I have a son with chicken pox at home and a husband.” Sure, the old “my-child-is-home-sick-so-I’m-a-lesbian-tonight” trick.

Check out this adorable NPR story about a gay grandma and the story of her loving family. The grandma asks her granddaughter Genna, “I guess what I want to ask you is, does it embarrass you to have a gay grandma?” “No,” Genna said, “It doesn’t really matter. It just matters — my relationship with you.” Damn you, NPR. You always making me tear up and yet make me manage to feel better about life at the same time.

A fun Q&A with Miranda July is in this month’s Interview magazine. The questions are from the queer artist/filmmaker’s peers, including her pal Khaela Maricich (aka The Blow) and Carrie Brownstein. One of my favorite parts:

Jonathan Lethem: If you were told that you had to live inside a work of art, which would you choose?

July: A painting by Mamma Andersson called Leftovers. You can look it up online. Three girls in a nice, messy apartment. They seem relaxed; one of them is naked.”

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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