Morning Brew: Friday, Feb. 12


Will you all be my Valentine, please? There’s not a limit, right?

Sara Gilbert will guest star on Grey’s Anatomy in “March or April.” Michael Ausiello noted that it will be a different character than she played on Private Practice, but there was no mention of it being different from the total butch she played on Roseanne. Darlene moves to Seattle, maybe?

A new episode of the web series Archer has my favorite exchange between characters this week: “I moved in with my last girlfriend after four weeks!” “What are you? A lesbian?” Ba dum ching!

Skins fans, watch Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless on The Café at 7 p.m. on RTÉ Two tonight.

Gina Gershon told the infamous NY Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams that she’s an expert at kissing ladies. “I’ve had so many lesbian roles that I’m expert at kissing women in films,” the Bound star said. “With 20 takes per smooch and then the repair time, it’s stubble rash versus lipstick smear. Stubble rash is awful. You can barely move your face. But waiting around for an actress to get makeup reapplied is tiring. So it’s a tie.” That’s only on camera, Gina. We’re way less high maintenance off-screen — at least, some of us.

Looking for some romantic verses for your sweetie this weekend? Try something by bisexual poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, the recent focus of a a romantic poetry feature. My favorite part is when they write she “was known to fun it up in Provincetown in the ‘20s and ‘30s.” Pretty sure gay women still know how to fun it up in P-Town modern day.

If a song is more your speed, how about Sarah Silverman‘s attempt at being a lesbian singer/songwriter? You’ll soon be able to own “The Lesbian Song” and 98 other tracks from The Sarah Silverman Program on the soundtrack on March 2.

Remember those Rachel Maddow Valentines from last year? You can still send them!

Have a great weekend. Just a note that we’ll be off for President’s Day, but we’ll still have an episode of Lesbian Love for your viewing pleasure and a new piece from or LezBritain columnists. See? We still love you!

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